4 Festive Ways to Lose Weight

Article posted in: Lifestyle

We all know that with the holidays come plenty of unhealthy hurdles. But, today we’d like to point out that this time of year also brings some unique opportunities to support your goals in a fun, festive setting. Here are four festive ways to lose weight this holiday season:

Get Generous with Guilty Pleasures
Have you noticed the holiday collection boxes popping up everywhere you look lately? Instead of keeping gifts that are of the edible, diet-destroying variety, consider donating them. If they don’t fit the criteria for a collection box deposit, research nearby homeless shelters, and drop them there. Giving unwanted treats to those in need is a win-win.

See the Light
What other time of year can you bundle up and go for an evening walk to the accompaniment of beautiful light displays? Get out and burn some calories while exploring the sights—it sure beats staring at a treadmill screen, or power-walking down dark streets.

Let the Games Begin
Capitalize on the crowds at your gatherings by drumming up some good, old-fashioned family competition by way of a gaming console. Try virtual bowling or have a dance-off. Get active while making memories! Don’t have a gaming console? Check with family members in advance to see if someone else does. Still coming up blank? Consider adding one to this year’s wish list!

Be the Host with the Most… Options!
Your holiday guests might not be on Nutrisystem, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t also concerned about seasonal weight gain. Give calorie-conscious attendees the gift of good-for-you by cooking up some guilt-free alternatives to traditional holiday treats, and enjoy your food together!