5 More Kitchen Tools We Love

Article posted in: Lifestyle

Last week we told you about five kitchen gadgets we love and promised to tell you about more. Well, here they are, five more kitchen tools we love.

Orange Peeler Not a zester, which scrapes the rind to gather zest for flavoring, but a sharp tool that scores the rind and makes peeling citrus fruit a breeze. It’s a great way to be sure you remove more of the rind while not getting too much of the white stuff under your fingernails.

Slow Cooker We’re old school and remember when it was called a Crockpot. But by any name, these counter top cookers are indispensable, especially in busy homes where prep time might be at a premium. We love the chop, dump and forget ethos of slow cookers almost as much as we love the way our house smells like chili—or apple sauce or teriyaki chicken—within an hour or so.

Freezer Bags We love the convenience of making all sorts of mixes on Sunday night and storing them in the fridge or freezer until we need them during the week. And yes, we rinse them and re-use them.

One-Portion Glass Containers Another super-convenient kitchen tool that allows us to prepare meals for the week and store them in appropriately sized portions. Look for the kind with air-tight plastic lids that help ensure freshness. We find them especially helpful for storing soups and rice-based dishes.

Onion Chopper It’s one thing to peel an orange and have your hands smell like fresh citrus, but it’s quite another to chop an onion and end up carrying that stink for the next few days. We love the convenience almost as much as we like the distance it allows us to keep from the process. It makes dealing with onions an (almost) tear-free experience.