5 Tips for Surviving a Road Trip

Article posted in: Diet & Nutrition

Summer is prime time for road trips. Nutrisystem is planning to take one soon. And when we do, we’ll keep hunger at bay and stay on our weight loss program with these five tips designed to help you survive The Great American Road Trip:

1. Be prepared If at all possible, pack your own food so you won’t be tempted by the racks of potato chips and candy that are at every single gas station and rest stop from Maine to San Diego. A small cooler filled with fruit, sliced veggies and hummus, Greek yogurt, string cheese or other filling, low-calorie foods will ensure you have your own healthier options. Nuts and trail mixes are also good to have on hand: just make sure you avoid the varieties that feature candy pieces. Even better? Make your own trail mix with items from your grocery store’s bulk bins before you even leave home.

2. Eat Real Food Whenever possible, choose real food for a snack or meal. We mean food that doesn’t come in a bag or box. You know, fruit, veggies, eggs, nuts—things that are as close to their natural form as possible. Bananas and apples are usually available in most travel spots, including airports and bus stations, so in a pinch, you can usually find a piece of fruit to tide you over.

3. Fill Up on Protein There’s a reason beef jerky is a staple of convenience stores: protein content. Eating healthy protein-packed meals and snacks is the perfect way to keep your hunger at bay. Try meat jerkies, cheese, yogurt, nuts and hardboiled eggs, all easily portable snack options that will get you a good few grams of protein and keep your belly full until the next stop.

4. Drink Water Make sure you bring your favorite reusable bottle that you can fill up at every stop. You probably already know that you should be drinking at least 64 ounces of water per day, but upping that a bit when you travel makes sense. Staying hydrated is key, especially if you happen to indulge in a salty fast food meal or snack.

5. Be Creative When Ordering You don’t have to give in and order the supersized meal just because your traveling companions insisted on stopping at a fast food joint. Feel free to make changes to your order, like getting a burger without the bread, a burrito without the rice or trying soup and salad as a meal instead of an appetizer. You can also split a meal with your traveling partner, take some with you to eat for a future meal or ask for a child’s portion. Always look for whole grain options and order vegetables as a side if at all possible.