Attack of the Lunch Monsters

Article posted in: Lifestyle

Americans spend an average of $2,746 a year on lunch, according to a new survey by credit card company Visa. That’s a lot of cabbage—or lettuce, or cheddar, or dough, or any other food-related comparison you’d like to make—about $53 per week. Some other key findings from the survey of 2,033 Americans:

  • Men outspend women by an average of 60 percent and are more likely to eat out than at home.
  • On average, Americans eat lunch out twice a week, at a cost of $1,043 a year.
  • On average, we eat lunch at home or bring a sack lunch five times a week, at a cost of $1,704 per year.
  • Of the 31 percent of Americans who eat lunch at work, 15 percent eat at their desk or workspace, 11 percent head to the break room, and 5 percent eat in the cafeteria.
  • 32 percent of Americans say they never, ever eat out.
  • True One Percenters: 1 percent of diners spend more than $50 per lunch when they eat out, for an average of more than $9,000 a year. That’s some expense account.
  • Southerners eat out more than those in any other part of the country; Westerners eat out the least.

The most economical way to make lunch is to prepare something at home and bring it to work with you, or, if you’re not working, to simply eat it at home. Chances are that you’ll also eat a healthier meal: studies have shown that people eat much smaller portions when they prepare food for themselves rather than eating in restaurants.

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