Ben & Jerry’s free cone day: Just how free is it?

Article posted in: Diet & Nutrition

Walk into a Ben & Jerry’s “Scoop Shop” across America today, April 14, and you’ll get a free serving of ice cream. It’s Ben & Jerry’s annual “Free Cone Day”, a way for the iconic treat maker to say thanks to its millions of loyal customers. While we applaud Ben and Jerry’s appreciation of its fan base, we have to acknowledge that anybody who’s ever tried to reach a weight loss goal knows there’s no such thing as free. Ever. EV. ER. So allow us to present a handy and entertaining chart that shows how much of a few random and not-so-random activities you’d have to complete to burn off a Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie scoop versus a Nutrisystem Chocolate Brownie Sundae. Portion control is a key here: Nutrisystem’s ice cream treat is the perfect amount to satisfy your craving without loading on the calories. And spoiler alert: There’s a lot less dancing of the macarena involved with your diet-friendly Nutrisystem treat!