Blueberry Superpower Smoothie!

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Everybody knows that smoothies are the ideal beverage for any health plan. They work as a morning meal, afternoon snack or even a delicious dessert. But there is more to making a smoothie than just chucking components into a mixer. If you intend to preserve those vital vitamins and most important minerals, you need to understand which components to apply. That is why The Leaf has the ultimate Blueberry Superpower Smoothie recipe for keeping you healthy and satisfied all day long.

It will take you less than two minutes to pour the healthy ingredients of this delicious smoothie into a blender and whip it into a drink so nutritious, you’ll want to have one every day. Watch as we show you the super-simple, super-fast way to make this Blueberry Superpower Smoothie that’s perfect for a breakfast or snack idea on your Nutrisystem meal plan. Packed with protein and fiber, this beverage is filled to the brim with all of the fresh minerals and vitamins blueberries have to offer.

You can make use of this Nutrisystem smoothie recipe as a great add-on to any meal plan or as a pleasant snack idea within itself. Try our Blueberry Superpower Smoothie recipe and let us know how much you enjoyed it in the comments below.

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