Can’t Lose Weight? Try the One Product That Will Help You Never Overeat Again

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can't lose weight

If you’re like the many that can’t lose weight, portion size matters: For bread, one slice is right. For brown rice, a half-cup is the proper portion. Berries are a one-cup deal. Salad dressing is one tablespoon for the light stuff, two tablespoons for fat-free.

But, research shows when people are offered larger-sized portions of food, they consistently consume more calories. What doesn’t help is that, according to a study published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, more than 90 percent of large, chain and local restaurant meals are oversized, with some exceeding the recommended calorie requirements for an entire day.

So, how do you navigate this mess of overindulgence?

Well, brown bagging your on-the-go meals is a fool-proof way to help control portions—that way you decide how much food you pack and how many calories you eat. The Nutrisystem Cool ‘n Carry Complete Kit, is designed to help you do just that. Each kit has four one-cup containers—complete with measurement markings and ice packs that snap into the lids for easy cooling. It also comes with a salad shaker, ice pack and lid, as well as a twist-and-release dressing dispenser for prepping your favorite greens before you go.