How Nutrisystem Works: Effective Weight Loss You’ll Love

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How long does it take to lose weight? Effective weight loss starts with that moment you decide to make the changes that will help you reach your healthy weight loss goal. You can almost picture the “new you” and you feel eager to get started so you can begin to see the pounds fall off.

While many wonder when they can expect to see results and how long it will take to reach their weight loss goal, the only way to truly achieve effective weight loss is by gradually adapting your body to a new, healthy way of eating.

The Nutrisystem plan was designed by expert dietitians to ensure that you stay satisfied and well-nourished as you lose weight. It’s not a crash diet, which often leads to rapid weight loss followed by weight gain. Rather, Nutrisystem helps you to learn a new way to eat that will help keep you at your ideal size forever.

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Here is the timeline of what a healthy, effective weight loss program looks like with Nutrisystem:


Your Nutrisystem diet plan begins with a special first week designed for fast weight loss and to prepare your body to begin losing weight.* You will receive a specially designed Week 1 Guide to help maximize your results. During your first week, you will eat Nutrisystem breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks for all seven days.

You will also receive seven Nutrisystem protein shakes to use as your morning snack during this first week. These shakes feature 15 grams of protein to keep you feeling full and satisfied.  Plus, Vitamin D to support immune health and Chromax®  to help reduce body fat and support lean body mass.***

You are likely to lose a few pounds during this time, but don’t worry if the scale doesn’t change much—you are stoking your internal weight loss engine and results will soon follow.

With Nutrisystem, you eat several times a day, which helps to keep you satisfied as your body adjusts to fewer, more nutritious calories.

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During your Nutrisystem program, which, for many, is the next stage of your Nutrisystem diet plan, your body responds to the power of  Week 1 and you begin to see and feel a real difference. In a clinical study, subjects lost up to 13 pounds in their first month.** Click here for more details on the Nutrisystem weight loss program >


Evidence shows that people who steadily lose about one to two pounds per week are most successful at keeping weight off, according to Centers of Disease Control (CDC). Better yet, losing just five percent of your current weight over six months lowers your risk for heart disease and other conditions, says the CDC.

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Crash diets don’t lead to permanent weight loss because they don’t build healthy habits. Shedding one to two pounds a week helps you to sustain progress because you have time to adapt to a new lifestyle, including eating differently and becoming more active.

It’s the only proven way to reach your healthy weight and maintain it for the rest of your life—and that’s where we all want to end up, right?

That’s how Nutrisystem works. Click here to change your life! >

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* Results vary based on starting weight and program adherence.

*IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Continuing this meal plan for more than one week in any consecutive four-week period may lead to health complications and is not recommended. If you have diabetes, are under 18 years of age, are pregnant or a nursing mother, or are following a specialized diet for health issues, you may not use this meal plan. Please consult with your physician before beginning Your First Week on Nutrisystem or any other weight loss program. Please be sure to eat all of the food that’s recommended for this program. Failure to follow the program protocol and eat all recommended food may result in developing health complications.

**In a study on the standard plan, average weight loss was 9.9  lbs. in first month.

***As part of a healthy diet and exercise program.