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Is the Nutrisystem D plan effective for people with type 2 diabetes who want to lose weight?

Yes. Losing weight helps you to lower your blood sugar and manage your type 2 diabetes. Developed by a team of doctors and dietitians to provide the best balance of nutrients in optimal portion sizes, Nutrisystem® D® provides a simple, effective weight loss solution for people with diabetes.

Nutrisystem® D® can help people with type 2 diabetes lose weight to lower A1c levels and total cholesterol and lose inches off their waistline.

We understand that losing weight and managing your diabetes has both a physical and mental component. That’s why we offer free, unlimited access to Certified Diabetes Educators, our Nutrition Support Team and Weight Loss Coaches, who are standing by to answer any question you have, so you can feel confident that you’re tackling weight loss the safe way.

Plus, with your first order, you’ll receive printed materials explaining the fundamentals of the program, which you’re welcome to share with your doctor to make sure he or she is on board.

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