Focus on What You’re Eating

Article posted in: Diet & Nutrition

Nutrisystem is here to offer some advice, some inspiration, and some pointers to help you on your weight loss journey. Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be focusing on the tips, and today we offer a very important one. So important, in fact, that we think it’s worth featuring it alone and going into a bit more depth. Nutrisystem wants you to focus on what you’re eating.

What do we mean by that? Two things, really. First, we want you to eliminate every kind of distraction while you eat. Countless scientific studies have shown that people who eat while they’re doing something else—watching TV, reading a book, working at their desk—tend to eat more than people who aren’t distracted at meal time. So put down the book, the computer and the remote, and do only one thing while you eat: Eat. And eat slowly. Focus on each bite of food, how it tastes and feels. What ingredients can you taste? The more slowly you eat, the more quickly you’ll realize how full you are. It typically takes the stomach about 15 minutes to tell the brain it’s full. So plan to make a meal last longer than that.

The second thing Nutrisystem wants you to do is to feel a sense of gratitude for the gift that food is. All too often we can be overwhelmed by feelings that food is somehow a bad thing because we may have eaten too much of it or too much of the wrong kinds of food. That’s understandable. But food is a great gift, and the fact that we have so much of it, and so many varieties of it, makes us very lucky indeed. So consider yourself blessed that you can sit down to a nice meal, and enjoy every bite of it.