Announcing the Winners of the $40,000 NutriStar Giveaway

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Group of Three Nutrisystem Success Stories that won Giveaway

At last, the moment you’ve all been waiting for… We’ve selected the winners of the 2016 $40,000 NutriStar Giveaway! Congratulations to our newest NutriStars, Edouard Dorval, Ashley O’Reilly, Edwin Rodriguez and Morgan Root, who collectively lost nearly 400 pounds. These four weight loss champions were awarded $10,000 each plus a trip to a Nutrisystem photo shoot in sunny Tampa, Fla.

“We look forward to the $40,000 NutriStar Giveaway each year,” said Keira Krausz, CMO of Nutrisystem. “As in years’ past, we had so many fantastic submissions making it difficult for us select just four winners. Hearing the success stories of our customers is not only an inspiration, but also makes what we do worthwhile and gives us the motivation to continue to provide weight loss solutions that work. We are excited to share these winning stories with you!”

2016 NutriStar Giveaway winners (from left): Morgan Root, Edouard Dorval and Ashley O’Reilly. Not pictured: Edwin Rodriguez.

And now, here’s a little bit about our inspiring giveaway winners:

Edouard Dorval – Jersey City, NJ
Edouard lost 85 pounds.*
giveaway winner
After being denied access to a waterpark ride due to his weight, Edouard began distancing himself from friends and avoided taking photos. After many failed attempts to jump start his weight loss, Edouard saw a Nutrisystem commercial and knew he had to give it a try.

“Today, 85 pounds lighter, I feel great,” said Edouard. “There are always people stopping by my desk congratulating me or asking how I’ve done it. My friends say I’m a success story.”

Ashley O’Reilly – Saginaw, MI
Ashley lost 135 pounds.*
giveaway winner
A routine doctor’s visit proved to be the turning point for Ashley. She stepped on the scale and couldn’t believe what it read. That night she saw a commercial for Nutrisystem and was determined to make a change.

“I made three goals to myself when starting Nutrisystem,” said Ashley. “The first goal was to be in a bikini by next summer. The second goal was to be in a Nutrisystem photo shoot and the third goal was to inspire anyone who needs the motivation to lost weight.”

Thanks to Ashley’s hard work and dedication, she can proudly say she has achieved all three goals.

Morgan Root – Fort Polk, Louisiana
Morgan lost 100 pounds.*
giveaway winner
After serving six years on active duty, Morgan separated in order to start a family. After two back-to-back pregnancies, she decided to focus on herself and get back to her pre-baby weight.

Now 100 pounds lighter, Morgan says, “I have found myself again. I am healthier and happier-not only for myself, but also for my children and husband.”

Edwin Rodriguez – Lawrence, Massachusetts
Edwin lost 72 pounds.*

For Edwin, always being known as the chubby kid in school was a difficult nickname to swallow. Instead of losing weight, he just saw himself getting bigger and bigger. He was on high blood pressure medication and knew his health was getting out of control.

“Someone mentioned Nutrisystem to me, and I decided to try it. It was the best choice I ever made!” said Edwin. “Thank you, Nutrisystem!”

*Individuals on the Nutrisystem® program can expect to lose 1-2 lbs. per week. For more information on Nutrisystem, its program and products, visit