Ready to Cancel? 4 Reasons You Need to Try Nutrisystem Success First

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Whether you’ve hit your goal weight (woohoo!) or you just need to take a temporary break from your Nutrisystem program, you’re probably feeling a little anxious about sticking to a diet alone after you cancel.

It makes sense: If you’ve been relying on our dietitian-designed weight loss plan and perfectly portioned meals and snacks to keep you on the slim-down straight and narrow, the idea of suddenly having to prepare your own healthy food can be quite daunting.

But navigating life after Nutrisystem doesn’t have to be hard. We designed our weight loss program not only to help you lose weight, but to also teach you how to maintain your healthy lifestyle long after your last Nutrisystem shipment. Throughout the program, you learned what proper portion sizes look like, how to incorporate more veggies and nutritious foods into your diet and the components of preparing your own healthy Flex meals. The next step of sticking to a diet is maintaining and improving upon the healthy living principles you’ve learned.

If you’re feeling like this might be easier said than done and the idea of being on your own is overwhelming, don’t worry; Nutrisystem Success, our extra flexible transition and maintenance program, is designed for people in your position. With Nutrisystem Success, you can continue to receive the Nutrisystem entrées and snacks you’ve come to love without making a full commitment to one of our more structured and comprehensive meal delivery programs.

Nutrisystem Success: What You Need to Know

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Want a few of your favorite meal plan lunches and dinners delivered to your door every month? You got it! Just select our Lunches and Dinners plan. Can’t imagine mornings without our delicious and guilt-free Cinnamon Rolls or evenings without our famous Ice Cream Sandwiches? Opt for our Breakfasts and Snacks plan. Have a hectic schedule and just want to keep some grab-and-go healthy snack options on hand? Our Bars and Shakes plan is perfect for you. We even have a 3-Day Complete plan, which includes three days’ worth of Nutrisystem breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks. This plan offers the structure you loved with our full program, while enabling you to practice healthy meal prepping to create delicious recipes that fit your lifestyle.

And if none of these options suit your needs, you can opt for a more DIY plan that allows you to receive the mix of menu items you prefer. Want three of your favorite Nutrisystem breakfasts, one lunch and 10 dinners? No problem. Rather order 15 snacks and two lunches? You got it. We just want you to have what you need to stay on track and stick to your healthy diet, wherever you are in your weight loss journey.

No matter which plan you select, you’ll receive a super helpful color-coded portion control container system designed to help you stay on track when prepping Flex meals. One of the biggest problems that people run into when preparing their own foods is proper portion sizes. Sure, peanut butter is healthy. But the difference between one tablespoon and two is close to 100 calories. Make that mistake too many times and suddenly, you could find the scale creeping up. With our portion control containers, you can be sure that you’re eating the correct amount. And after you’ve used them for a bit, you’ll be able to eyeball correct portion sizes, too. This ensures that you’ll follow a diet with healthy foods and proper portion sizes for years to come.

Nutrisystem Success really is the best way to ease into life after Nutrisystem without having to cancel and quit cold turkey.

Nutrisystem Success: Healthy Weight Maintenance Made Easy

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Still on the fence? Here are four more reasons you should try Nutrisystem Success before you cancel:

1. You get the best balance of structure and flexibility.

cancel Healthy Food Meal Plans

If we had to describe this healthy food program in one sentence, we’d say, “whatever you need.” That’s because with Nutrisystem Success, you will receive only what you want, in quantities that make sense for your life. If your days are hectic and you just need some quick breakfast and lunches to keep you on track, we have a plan for that. If you prefer to keep bars and snacks on hand so you don’t starve when running the kids to baseball games and chorus concerts, there’s a plan for that, too.

And for the meal occasions you choose to DIY, we offer recipes, portion control assistance and good-for-you guidance so you can kick it up in the kitchen with confidence. It’s what you need, when you need it.

2. You’ll still get access to all of our helpful tools and support.

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One of the best ways to ensure you don’t fall off track while maintaining a healthy diet is to continue to tap into the same health and wellness support and tools that got you this far. With Nutrisystem Success, you still get access to all of the diet resources you’ve come to love, like unlimited support from our Weight Loss Coaches, full use of NuMi, our helpful weight loss app and our awesome newsletters packed with healthy living tips, recipes, workouts and more.

And of course, you can keep coming back right here to The Leaf Weight Loss Blog for all the information and support you need no matter where you’re at in your journey. Our wellness experts are here to share a wealth of healthy food tips and incredibly simple yet delicious meal prep recipes you will love.

5 Essential Tips for Nutrisystem Success Newbies

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3. You’ll get special savings.

Healthy Meal Delivery Service Savings

If you’re considering ordering any Nutrisystem meals or snacks after ending your weight loss program, it makes sense to sign up for Nutrisystem Success before you cancel. That’s because if you purchase just $99 worth of meals or snacks each month, you’ll automatically save 20 percent. Plus, you’ll get FREE shipping. It’s a no-brainer! Here are five more reasons why these savings on our meal delivery service can improve your life. >

4. You can stop any time… but you don’t have to.

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If after a few Nutrisystem Success orders, you really do feel like you’re ready to go it alone, you can cancel your order, no problem.

But if you can’t imagine life without some of the healthy meals or snacks you’ve come to love, why not keep them coming? Our goal in developing Nutrisystem Success is to be there wherever and however you need us. If this is for one month or a lifetime, we’re here to help you follow a nutritious diet plan and maintain your health and wellness goals!

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