You’re Invited to Our Facebook Live Event! Nutrisystem Success Stories Answer Your Questions

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Facebook live event with Nutrisystem success stories bri and peter

Do you have questions about Nutrisystem? There’s no one better to ask then real life success stories! Get the answers to all of your burning Nutrisystem questions at our Facebook Live event. Two of our Nutrisystem ambassadors (and real life success stories!), Bri and Peter, are going LIVE on our Facebook page to talk about their weight loss journey.

If you’re thinking about trying Nutrisystem in the New Year, this is the perfect opportunity to hear from real people who had real success with our program. Tune in to this virtual event and learn more about our convenient weight loss plan. Check out the details below:

Where?: The Nutrisystem Facebook page! >

When?: Monday, December 28th @ 5:30 PM EST.

Why?: Bri and Peter, two real life Nutrisystem success stories, will be talking about their Nutrisystem experience and answering some frequently asked questions about the program. From their favorite menu items to their weight loss results, they’re spilling the tea on all things Nutrisystem!

Please join on us for this Facebook Live event and get the answers to all of your questions! Click here to Like our Facebook page so you can stay updated when we go LIVE! >

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*Casting call participant. Complimentary program provided. Expect to lose an avg 1-2 lbs per week