NuMi SmartAdapt: Your First Month on Your Personalized Weight Loss Plan

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Congratulations on starting your personalized Nutrisystem plan! You’ve shown you’re courageous and committed by taking a giant first step towards realizing your health and wellness goals. During this first month of your new weight loss plan, you’ll establish habits that will turn your body into a weight loss powerhouse.

The fact that your diet plan is personalized means you’re even more likely to succeed: According to ScienceDaily, a study, published in the International Journal of Epidemiology, found that nutrition plans with individualized goals and recommendations work better than plans with generic advice.

Plus, those personal plans are also easier to stick to. Instead of “one size fits all,” it’s your program that fits you—so you can become the best, healthiest, happiest version of yourself.

So let’s get started! Keep reading for a quick guide to the first month on your personalized Nutrisystem program—your launchpad to reaching your wellness goals!

Keep Things Easy: Track in NuMi

first month

To get the most out of your Nutrisystem program in the first month and beyond, you will need to use our free tracking app, NuMi. You can find NuMi on Google Play or the App Store. If you don’t have an iPhone or Android, you can still access NuMi by visiting

NuMi makes your meal planning and tracking simple. Your personalized meal plan is programmed into the app. So, while you’re trying to juggle all the other appointments and responsibilities in your busy life, you don’t have to keep track of points or any other confusing formulas to know what to eat—just open NuMi and your meal plan is right there.

To get your personalized nutrition plan, be sure to enable NuMi SmartAdapt. This will give you a calorie goal designed for your unique metabolism with a personalized meal plan to match!

After you download the NuMi app and select your Nutrisystem plan, you will be asked if you would like to personalize your plan with NuMi SmartAdapt. You can also go to MORE > SETTINGS > PLAN SETTINGS to select a plan and enable NuMi SmartAdapt. Learn more about NuMi SmartAdapt here! >

Creating a habit of tracking your eating in NuMi may even help you succeed: In a study, Kaiser Permanente’s Center for Health Research found that people who kept a diary of everything they ate lost twice as much weight as those who didn’t. Writing down what you eat each day can help you stay mindful, accountable and organized. It can even help you spot trends in your eating habits that may be impacting your weight loss goals.

But you’ve got to be vigilant—many weight loss plans fail because dieters get lax about their tracking. They stop measuring their food or stop keeping a rigorous food diary. Keep using NuMi to track your daily intake and measure those PowerFuels and SmartCarbs. In a study, published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, scientists studied how people estimate portion sizes. They found that participants were wrong about half of the time. Serving yourself too much of higher calorie foods can add up and sabotage your progress.

NuMi is much more than just a simple food diary: Set reminders, log your exercise, find recipes and even shop for your favorite Nutrisystem meals all within the app. Participate in fun tracking challenges and get access to app-exclusive discounts. Tracking is made easy and seamless with the entire Nutrisystem menu in our food database. NuMi will quickly become your weight loss sidekick as you make your way through your first month on Nutrisystem.

Fast 5 Week

first month

Some Nutrisystem programs, such as Uniquely Yours Max+, include a Fast 5 week for the first seven days of the program. It’s a lower calorie meal plan to help jumpstart your weight loss in your first week.* You’ll reset your body, stay hydrated, eat your veggies and start to find your favorite Nutrisystem meals and snacks to take you to your goal. Though your meal plan will be personalized with NuMi SmartAdapt, this first week is special.

If you’re program includes Fast 5, be sure to check off that you are in your first week when setting up your NuMi account. NuMi will set up your journal to be 1,000 calories per day for this Fast 5 week. Your personalized calorie goal will take effect starting in week 2 for Fast 5 users!

During this Fast 5 week, you’ll eat five times per day and enjoy Nutrisystem meals, snacks and shakes each day. The Nutrisystem shakes will be your morning snack between breakfast and lunch.

In addition, you’ll eat four or more servings of non-starchy, high fiber vegetables each day. These lower-carbohydrate vegetables, like cucumbers, carrots, bell peppers and tomatoes, are low in calories and high in nutrients that your body needs. They’re also high in filling fiber, meaning you’ll feel fuller for longer. Non-starchy vegetables are unlimited foods on Nutrisystem, so you can eat as many as you want. Add them to your Nutrisystem meals or eat them as snacks. Getting at least four servings per day will keep your health and your weight on track during your first month.

Finally, each day you’ll drink at least 64 ounces of water or other calorie-free drinks, like coffee or unsweetened tea. That may sound like a lot, but you can breeze through it with some of these easy hacks. All that drinking will help to keep you full, hydrated and happy!

As we mentioned earlier, Fast 5 week is around 1,000 calories per day. However, those who have around 100 pounds to lose will need to add in some extra groceries. We recommend adding in 2 PowerFuels each day. NuMi should automatically add in these additions for you. If you have any questions, connect with a Weight Loss Coach for assistance.

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NuMi SmartAdapt Meal Plan

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To provide you with a personalized nutrition plan and calorie goal, NuMi will ask you a few easy questions and calculate your personalized calorie goal. You’ll get a meal plan tailored to your height, weight, gender, and activity level. These factors will help determine how much you’ll eat, as well as the types of foods you’ll focus on for maximum success.

Learn more about how we create your personalized plan here! >

If your plan includes Fast 5, things will get personal in week two of your first month. For plans that do not include Fast 5, NuMi SmartAdapt will provide a calorie goal unique to you right from the start.

Your NuMi journal will outline when to eat your Nutrisystem meals and grocery add-ins. It will also provide you with  the specific components that your Flex meals and snacks should contain.

Learn more about following the Nutrisystem plan here! >

Keep Things Progressing: How Your Personalized Plan Changes

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The personalization of your weight loss plan doesn’t end at the start of your Nutrisystem program—instead, the program adjusts as you lose weight on the way to your goal.

As you lose weight and/or increase your activity level, the amount of energy you need—that is, how many calories you need to eat—starts to change. Many dieters on non-personalized plans don’t change how they eat over time, so their diets become “less effective.” The truth is, they’re not eating a caloric deficit that reflects their new weight or activity level!

NuMi SmartAdapt fixes this problem, adjusting your meal plan over time as your weight and activity level changes. Beginning in month two, your meal plan and calories will start to adapt to your changing metabolism. This ensures that you’re eating the right amount to keep losing weight at a steady, healthy pace instead of hitting frustrating plateaus.

NuMi SmartAdapt monitors your energy needs with check-ins, and adjusts your caloric needs for optimum results. After one full month on your personalized meal plan, it will check to see if it needs to recalculate your calories based on any weight loss milestones you’ve hit or changes to your activity level. Be sure to always log your weight loss progress in NuMi, as these changes occur each time you log a 10-pound weight loss milestone. At that time, we will check in with you in the NuMi app to adapt your plan to your changing metabolism. Simply answer the questions in NuMi when prompted and we will adjust your calories and/or meal plan if needed.

Calculations are based on a variety of weight loss factors, including:

  • How much weight you are losing.
  • Changes in your activity level.
  • Your age, gender and height.

By taking these factors into account, NuMi is able to tailor your meal plan and calorie goal to your unique metabolism. As you lose weight and/or become more active, your calorie goal and meal plan will change, meaning you may add an apple to your lunch, or remove the second egg from your breakfast as your metabolism changes.

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Keep it Moving: How to Stay Active for Maximum Results

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Fitting in a long workout session can be difficult with work, kids and a busy schedule. However, Nutrisystem makes exercise easy.

The recommendations are simple: 10 minutes of activity, three times per day. By splitting 30 minutes into three 10-minute increments, you can easily squeeze some movement into your busy schedule. That could mean walking the dog, going for a hike, riding a bike, moving along with a fitness video or any other way you enjoy moving your body. Simply choose an activity and do it for 10 minutes, three times a day, whenever it works for you.

Love to exercise? Don’t worry! If you move more, your personalized plan in NuMi will adjust to your energy needs so you can fuel your workouts while still losing weight. Be sure to check out these helpful workout and wellness tips on The Leaf to stay on track and motivated during your weight loss journey!

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Does your plan include Fast 5? Because your this first week is lower in calories, it’s recommended that you don’t exercise at all until your second week. This way you can get accustomed to your eating schedule and your new foods and concentrate on sticking to your plan.

Keep Your Chin Up: What to Do if You Plateau

weight loss plateau

In your beginning weeks of your weight loss journey, you may be seeing big numbers flying off on your scale. It’s exciting! But as you make your way through your journey, your weight loss may start to slow down.

The Nutrisystem program is designed for a healthy, steady weight loss of one to two pounds per week. This is considered healthy and sustainable weight loss, which is exactly what we want. However, general science says that even losing a half a pound per week is good!

Typically, weight loss is quicker in the beginning as the body adjusts to reduced calories. Over time, your body wants to fight back. Don’t get discouraged! Your weight loss is only slowing down—not stopping.

Remember, our bodies like to stay in balance and that can make it more challenging to lose weight the longer you are on the plan. That doesn’t mean you should give up or that the plan isn’t working anymore. That’s exactly what your body wants you to think! It just means you recognize it and need to make some adjustments.

If you are using the NuMi SmartAdapt feature, your plan will work to prevent these plateaus by adjusting your meal plan and calories to your changing metabolism. If you regularly log your weight in NuMi (i.e., at least once a week), NuMi SmartAdapt will be able to detect if you are entering a plateau and suggest that you enable Plateau Mode. Plateau Mode is designed to lower your calorie goal to support your metabolism when your progress is stalled.

If you’re really getting discouraged, you’re not alone: Get in touch with a Nutrisystem Weight Loss Coach if you have questions about your plan or weight loss results. They’ve talked to thousands of members, so our coaches have personalized advice for your personalized weight loss plan—for your best-for-you results.

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Make sure you check in on The Leaf, the official blog of Nutrisystem as you trek through your weight loss journey. Our recipe, wellness and nutrition experts constantly update our healthy blog to help folks like YOU! From amazing recipe ideas and workouts to general wellness tips, we’re here to help you succeed.

*Results vary based on starting weight and program adherence. Not all plans include Fast 5.

It’s important to know that changing your diet or exercise or losing weight could affect some medical conditions and medications. Your doctor may need to adjust your medications due to changes in your diet, exercise, or weight while on Nutrisystem. Make sure to check with your doctor before beginning any weight loss program, including Nutrisystem. Please be sure to eat all of the food that is recommended on the Nutrisystem program. Failure to follow the program and eat all of the food recommended may increase the risk of developing serious health complications. At Nutrisystem, we care about you. That’s why we champion safe, effective weight loss—no fads, no gimmicks, just better health.