Man Hacks: Game Day Snack Ideas

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Eating healthy doesn’t always mean you have to sacrifice snacking during the big game. In fact, on Nutrisystem, we encourage you to eat snacks! Imagine that—a meal plan that tells you to eat snacks. It can’t get much better than that. All you need are a few man hacks that teach you how to snack, all while staying on board with your weight loss goals!

Not only does Nutrisystem suggest eating three snacks a day while following your Nutrisystem meal plan, we have perfectly portioned snacks that you can order right here! > Looking for some perfect game day man hacks? Look no further because we have this awesome video that shows you just how simple this tasty take on healthy game day munchies can be.

Soft pretzel-lover? Try cutting up Nutrisystem’s delicious Whole Grain Soft Pretzel > into bite-sized pieces, which will make it last longer while you’re watching the game. It doesn’t stop there though—Cut up some veggie sticks to suffice those crunchy cravings during the game and top off your game day smorgasbord with Nutrisystem’s delicious and savory Popcorn. >

We know you’re probably thinking, “but what about dipping sauces?” We’ve included some tasty options for dipping sauces (mustard, hot sauce and salsa) that go absolutely perfectly with this array of Nutrisystem-approved snacks. Dip your pretzel pieces into the tanginess of mustard and scoop some salsa or hot sauce onto your veggie sticks. Snacks, dips and the big game—it’s the perfect combo if you ask us!

See, dieting doesn’t have to mean giving up your beloved game day snacks! Keep it simple, healthy and, most importantly, Nutrisystem-approved, while munching on these snacks as you watch the game.

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