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Meet Nutrisystem Nutrition Support Supervisor Kristen Flynn. Or, as we like to call her, our “good-for-you guru.” Kristen has helped countless customers reclaim their health and happiness and now she’s ready to help you!

That’s right, Kristen will be kicking off our ALL-NEW Facebook live chat series, Ask the Expert. This 30-minute biweekly event will give you the chance to chat with a Nutrisystem dietitian or Weight Loss Coach about healthy-living topics we know are important to you. This week’s discussion will center around Nutrisystem Flex Meals. Join us LIVE on Facebook on Thursday, March 10th at 7 p.m.

In the meantime, get to know our first expert with our quick Q&A:

Kristen, have you ever struggled with your weight? If so, how has that experience shaped your approach to coaching?
Absolutely! In college I had to learn how to make the right choices, and prepare healthy meals living on my own for the first time. I also knew that I had to stay active for those times I was tempted to indulge. I also have family members who have gained weight after having children, and they have taught me that eating healthy with the kids makes it easier than doing it alone!

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What is one thing you wish every customer knew?
Weight loss does not happen overnight. Time, planning and hard work go into developing a healthier lifestyle; Nutrisystem just makes the planning easier.

Why did you choose to be a Weight Loss Coach?
I wanted to help people set goals for themselves. It’s not always easy to stick to a goal you set on your own, but when you have a support system to help you believe you can achieve something, you are all the more motivated! My background is in nutrition, so I also knew I had some of the tools helpful for educating our customers.

What’s the one best tip you give someone when coaching?
Planning ahead will make your life easier, but you can’t perfectly plan out your life. Do what you can to stay prepared, but when life’s moments get in the way, coaching is here to help keep you on the right track, and one that works for you.

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Can you tell us about a time when you helped someone through your job and it impacted your life?
As a coach, I have a handful of conversations daily that move me. Hearing small milestones from customers such as, “My doctor took me off my blood pressure medication because I’ve lost 20 pounds” or, “I didn’t gain a pound on my cruise because a coach helped me make healthy choices,” are the things that give me a sense of fulfillment with what I do. Nothing beats it!

What is the most popular question you get?
“Do I have to eat the grocery food additions that are listed in the meal planner each day?” The answer is absolutely! These nutrient-rich fruits, vegetables, whole grains and protein servings help you reach a calorie goal that is safe and effective for weight loss.

What would you say to someone who is convinced they’ll never lose that weight or get healthier?
Losing weight is actually a mind game. If you can change your MIND, then you can change your body!

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What’s your favorite Nutrisystem entrée?
Cheese Tortellini! And when I’m on-the-go, Fudge Graham Bar!

How do you fit your My Daily 3 in?
I walk or do the elliptical in the morning (great way to build energy the rest of the day) and on nights that my favorite shows are on (The Bachelor!) I do crunches and free weights.

What’s a great day at work look like for you?
Having the ability to not only help a customer, but help a team-member. Whether it’s brainstorming a new idea, or finalizing a big project—working as a team!

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When you cheat, what do you choose?
Sour Patch Kids are my weakness!

What are your favorite SmartCarbs?
If I’m not having my daily apple, I love pairing a 100 calorie whole grain sandwich thin with some peanut butter.

How do you survive holidays/birthdays/celebrations healthy-style?
I am almost always the girl that brings a veggie tray to a party. It’s comforting to know I will have something to snack on throughout the night. If I’m dining out, I drink lots of water to stay full, and look at the menu ahead of time to make a better choice.

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How do you turn around a bad day?
If it’s nice outside I will clear my head with a walk (without the cell phone), but if I’m inside— I listen to my favorite music.

Share your favorite quote.
“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”