Meet the Weight Loss Expert: Jeffrey Chiarelli

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To look at Jeffrey Chiarelli, you would never guess that this fit, energetic and optimistic Weight Loss Coach was once 455 pounds. But it’s true: Jeff struggled with his weight his entire life—which is part of the reason he is such an amazing coach. He understands the challenges customers face, and knows from experience what works and what doesn’t. Jeff is also a great person to lean on for support, which is probably why he is a customer favorite!

Read on for Jeff’s weight loss tips then be sure to tune in on May 19 at 7 p.m. for our live Facebook event during which this inspirational coach will be chatting about getting started on your weight loss journey and how to bust through weight loss plateaus.

1. Have you or anyone in your family ever struggled with your weight? If so, how has that experience shaped your approach to coaching?
The reason I became a weight loss coach is because I had my own weight loss journey. I struggled with being overweight my entire life. Back in 2013, I weighed 455 pounds and was incredibly scared of losing my life. I knew I had to finally make a change to save my own life. I approached eating a whole new way. I ate to lose weight rather than starving myself. I took on a different approach this time. I really learned a lot about my body and how it works. I try to tell every customer that I have been there. No matter if you want to lose five pounds or 200, it can be done. It’s all about finding something you can do for a lifetime. If you don’t enjoy it, you won’t continue doing it.

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One of the reasons Jeff is such an effective weight loss expert is because he’s experienced the journey himself.

2. What is one thing you wish every customer knew?
The daily tracker is the key to success! The daily tracker lays out the program the way that you should be following it. Everything that we include in the program is there for a reason. The ability to record my food intake daily is something that has saved my life. The accountability factor, along with the ability to look back and make adjustments, is crucial for anyone looking to lose weight.

3. How do you survive holidays/birthdays/celebrations healthy-style?
It’s all about having a plan. Life will happen but you have to be ready for it to unfold. If I’m going to a party or celebration, I always volunteer to bring food. The food that I bring is something I can fit into my meal plan. This takes the anxiety out of not knowing what will be served. I have also made lifestyle changes in approaches to my birthday. Some years, I skip the cake and do a 5k walk or run instead. I also make healthier cakes or pies to keep the calories down.

4. What would you say to someone who is convinced they’ll never lose that weight or get healthier?
No one is supposed to be overweight. Everyone has their own struggles and obstacles. But without a plan you will lose the battle. If you are on the program, I suggest you lean on weight loss coaching as much as you need. We’re your support system. We are full of ideas to get you to where you want to be. I would like you to approach weight loss like a game. Just win the day, then the week, then the month. When you lose, dust yourself off and be consistent because those slip-ups will happen. Make sure those slips don’t become habit and you’ll be just fine.

5. How do you turn around a bad day?
You’re one step away from a good mood. Get up, get out and go for a walk or go to the gym. Whatever you can do to get your heart rate up will help shift your mood. Just like stress balls help with stress, I find chewing sugar-free gum has the same effect on me. The ability to chew on something keeps other food out of my mouth.

6. Why did you choose to be a Weight Loss Coach?
Once I reached my weight loss goal, I knew that I needed to tell the world that anyone can lose weight. I finally solved the puzzle that I was missing pieces of my entire life. It’s not just one thing you need to do. All of the pieces are put together to reach your goal. You need to work at it day by day to put it together. My passion for helping others will not fade. Everyone deserves to be happy with their body and I want to make sure I share my tricks with them along the way.

7. What’s the one best tip you give someone when coaching?
You have to find a LOVE for vegetables. Force-feeding them to yourself is not the answer. You need to find ways to prepare them or try new ones so you can enjoy them everyday. Salt-free seasoning, garlic and hot sauce are my go-to quick toppings for steamed veggies. Something you love, you will continue to do, it’s that simple. If you don’t like it, you will stop. Don’t stop eating veggies, my friends.

8. Can you tell us about a time when you helped someone through your job and it impacted your life?
Everyday I’m reminded of where I came from. Almost every call impacts me in some way. My passion I had to reach my goals has shifted in my passion for helping others. This passion I share with others has really fueled me to continue to live my healthy lifestyle.

9. What is the most popular question you get?
“Why am I not losing weight?”

10. What’s your favorite Nutrisystem entrée?
I love the Blueberry Lemon Baked Bar. It’s a perfect bar for the morning.

11. How do you fit in exercise?
I get my exercise done in the morning before work. I have the most energy when first waking up and nothing tends to get in my way. Going to the gym at 5:30 a.m. every morning has helped me be consistent with my active lifestyle so I have no excuses after work.

12. What’s a great day at work look like for you?
Everyday is a great day for me. Even if I can help one person get closer to their goal it’s a win for me. Weight loss is not easy and I know how it feels. Connecting with as many people as possible truly brings an overwhelming joy to me.

13. When you cheat, what do you choose?
I’m guilty of grabbing a spoon and finding the peanut butter jar.

14. What are your favorite SmartCarbs?
Oatmeal is amazing. There is so many ways to prepare it and it always fills me up!

15. Share your favorite quote.
“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”