Get Your Game On! Introducing NuMi Supper Games

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man participating in the NuMi Supper Games Challenge on his phone while eating breakfast

Looking for a challenge? Join in on the NuMi Supper Games to torch your goals while scoring big rewards!

In this app exclusive game, you get to complete fun challenges all week long that will help you with your weight loss (and wallet!). In addition to checking off healthy habits that support your goal to lose weight, you’ll also have the chance to score NuMi exclusive discounts for your favorite foods.

Ready to get your game on? Check into NuMi for the next week to complete all seven daily challenges:

Complete 3 challenges: Earn 45% off a la carte

Complete all 7 challenges: Earn 55% off a la carte (including top items!)

The challenge will begin on Friday, February 4th. Check out the full NuMi Supper Games challenge schedule below!:

Day 1: What’s your event? Log any activity.

Day 2: Fuel up like an athlete! Log a PowerFuel.

Day 3: Get into a routine! Set a reminder.

Day 4: Study the game! Read a Leaf article to expand your knowledge and edge out your competitors.

Day 5: How do you measure up against the competition? Log your current measurements!

Day 6: Make the effort; sometimes, it’s just a matter of showing up! Challenge completed for opening NuMi.

Day 7: Lose big to win big! Log your current weight.

Get your game on and head over to NuMi to get started! >