Nutrisystem Spotlight: All About Our NEW Creamy Cheesecakes

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Nutrisystem Chocolate and Strawberry Cheesecakes

Talking about cheesecake when you are trying to lose weight seems counter-productive, doesn’t it? Well, you can stick to your weight loss meal plan and enjoy a rich, creamy dessert that won’t sabotage your progress. We have added cheesecakes to the Nutrisystem snack menu because we know they’re a craving that’s hard to resist.

Here’s the skinny on what makes the new, limited time Nutrisystem cheesecakes so delicious and satisfying. Plus, find out why they’re perfect for weight loss and how you can enjoy them to the max.

Real Ingredients

These cheesecakes start with neufchatel cheese, the soft cheese that has the same smooth and silky texture as classic cream cheese. We also add egg whites and butter, so the cakes are as rich and creamy as you expect them to be. A combination of sugar, stevia and erythritol add sweetness to the base.

For toppings, the Strawberry Cheesecake features a strawberry swirl made from real strawberry puree and is colored with fruit and vegetable juices. The Chocolate Cheesecake is sprinkled with sugar-free chocolate chips for extra texture and rich, chocolaty flavor.

Two Cheesecake Flavors

Nutrisystem Chocolate Cheesecake

You can choose from a pair of tempting cheesecake varieties. The Chocolate Cheesecake has a crumbly, dark chocolate crust and the creamy filling is flavored with cocoa. A sprinkling of sugar-free chocolate chips and crunchy chocolate bits on top ensure you get a blast of chocolate in every bite.

Nutrisystem Strawberry CheesecakeIf you prefer a more traditional style, check out the Strawberry Cheesecake. Its thick, creamy filling is made from real milk and cream that rests on a golden-brown graham cracker crust. A swirl of strawberry puree on top makes it even sweeter and more flavorful. So whether you’re craving is for rich chocolate or sweet, fruity flavors, Nutrisystem has a cheesecake that will satisfy.

Weight Loss Winner

Nutrisystem Chocolate and Strawberry Cheesecakes

Both cheesecakes are a good source of fiber, providing four grams per cheesecake. They also power you up with five grams of protein per serving. The chocolate version comes with 140 calories, while the strawberry has 130 calories.

If you’re a vegetarian or living with diabetes, you can enjoy these cheesecakes, too. Everyone will love that these treats come in the perfect portion size, so you can eat the whole cheesecake without slowing progress to your weight loss goal.

Cheesecake Topping Ideas

Add a cup of fresh berries or fruit (any type you like) to your cheesecake for more flavor and nutrients. Fresh strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and even chopped cherries are all tasty additions to either flavor. Fruits and berries are considered SmartCarbs on the Nutrisystem weight loss plan, so they’re high in fiber and lower on the glycemic index.

A sprinkle of nuts or a drizzle of nut butter can add delicious healthy fats and nutty flavor. These count as PowerFuels on Nutrisystem. We love chopped walnuts, peanut butter, slivered almonds or cashew butter with these creamy cheesecakes.

If you have room for another Extra food in your daily meal plan, you can take your cheesecake to the next level. Try them with light whipped topping, coconut flakes, chocolate syrup, semi-sweet chocolate chips or shavings of dark chocolate.

Pro Tip: Be sure to check the recommended portion sizes for all these items in the Nutrisystem Grocery Guide.

The ideal partner for your Nutrisystem Cheesecakes just might be a cup of black coffee or tea (hot or iced). They’re Free foods, so you can enjoy as much of them as you want as you’re savoring your treat. Whether you dress up your cheesecake or just eat it as is, it will satisfy your craving and leave you with a smile about the weight you are losing.

Nutrisystem Customer Reviews

Nutrisystem Chocolate and Strawberry Cheesecakes

You don’t have to just take our word on how good these cheesecakes are. They’ve quickly become a favorite of Nutrisystem members. Check out these 5-star reviews from our customers:

Chocolate Cheesecake – Absolutely delicious

“I’m not even a cheesecake person but this is delicious. Perfect amount of sweetness. Creamy and filling. The little chocolate chips and crumbles give it great texture. This is an absolute winner. I’m usually left wanting more of a dessert, like the chocolate pretzels. But this is so creamy and filling, I’m left totally satisfied. Thank you to nutrisystem for these wonderful new items!” – 

Strawberry Cheesecake – Wait! Isn’t this 500 calories? Very convincing dessert!

“Great traditional cheesecake, smooth and creamy. The first bite honestly seemed a little over-sweet, but now I’m a believer! The strawberry flavor is just right; the crumb crust seemed to be only around the outside edge, and I’d love more of it, but I get it–crumbs add up fast in the calorie department–but taste-wise there is actually plenty of crust. This is an awesome dessert choice. I plate it at dinnertime and by dessert time it’s fully thawed and at room temperature. I think the flavor is more traditional when it’s room temperature. I’ll definitely be ordering more of these and the chocolate one, too. Just perfect additions to nutrisystem’s dessert lineup. Bravo!”