Better Than BBQ: 7 Nutrisystem Foods That Are a Picnic for Your Palate

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Eating outside on warm days makes any meal more fun. Now, imagine you’re enjoying classic picnic favorites like burgers, chicken and ice cream, while still making progress toward your weight loss goal! Sound too good to be true? You must not have checked out our delicious Nutrisystem foods. Explore them and you’ll see how satisfying your BBQ can be.

Better Than BBQ Nutrisystem Foods:

Helpful hint: Getting this picnic to your plate is as easy as clicking the Nutrisystem food, image or link in the caption!

1. Hickory Smoke Flavored Beef Patty >

Hickory Smoke Flavored Beef Patty Nutrisystem Foods
This dinner lets you savor the smoky taste of a juicy burger without even firing up the grill. This beef patty has only 130 calories and seven grams of fat, yet it fills you up—and fuels you up—with 16 hearty grams of protein. Picnic up your plate >

Your way: Sandwich this juicy burger between a halved whole grain roll, top it with a slice of tomato, a pickle, some romaine lettuce and a touch of your favorite condiment.

2. Grilled Chicken Sandwich >

Nutrisystem Foods Grilled Chicken Sandwich
The white meat chicken absorbs so much flame-broiled flavor you’ll think it came right off the grill. The sandwich includes a soft, whole grain bun, so it’s ready to eat when you are. What an easy way to squeeze in 13 grams of protein! Picnic up your plate >

Your way: Hold the mayo, and instead mash up a tablespoon of avocado to spread on the chicken. For one Extra, you get the creaminess you want, perfectly complementing the chicken’s smoky taste (with healthy unsaturated fat)!

3. Grilled Sausage and Peppers >

Grilled Sausage and Peppers Nutrisystem Foods
Smoked Italian chicken sausage with seasoned peppers and onions is the perfect combo of zesty and sweet. It’s enough to make any mouth water. And you get 19 grams of lean protein and three grams of fiber, so consider both your hunger and taste buds fully satisfied. Picnic up your plate >

Your way: If you like your food spicy, sprinkle on red pepper flakes. Or add a dash of oregano for more Italian flavor. Herbs and spices are a “free” food you can eat without restriction, but can make a world of a difference in the pleasure reaped from your plate.

4. Chicken and BBQ Beans >

Chicken and BBQ Beans Nutrisystem Foods
If you love Southern-style barbecue, this tender white meat chicken seasoned with spices has a touch of sweetness that will definitely hit the spot. It’s accompanied by the traditional side of BBQ beans, for protein 23 grams of protein, four grams of fiber and authentic flavor that can’t be beat. Picnic up your plate >

Your way: Instead of the usual creamy coleslaw, try making a low-calorie, low-fat version with vinegar-based dressing. Besides balsamic, vinegars are a free food on Nutrisystem. If you’ve tried the Spicy Peanut Slaw in the Recipes section of The Leaf, you’re already a bit familiar with this process.

5. Fiesta Macaroni and Cheese >

Fiesta Macaroni and Cheese Nutrisystem Foods
Mac ‘n cheese is classic comfort food, but add a kick of hot peppers and it’s ready for a party. Made with real sharp cheddar cheese, this dish has 10 grams of protein, just 250 calories and zero post-meal guilt. This is an anytime, anyplace kind of meal to bring the BBQ straight to your bowl, so dig in! Picnic up your plate >

Your way: Take this Nutrisystem meal to the next level by adding your favorite veggies. Fresh or cooked veggies broaden the range of flavors in your meal, add nutrients and you can have as much as you want. Triple the size of your mac with red peppers, onions, whatever your creative heart desires!

6. Chocolate Brownie Sundae >

Chocolate Brownie Sundae Nutrisystem Foods
Chocolate Brownie Sundae. These three words all say satisfying treat. This version, made with a lighter chocolate ice cream, chunks of real brownies (made with whole wheat flour) and ribbons of fudge on top, has only 190 calories, so you can happily indulge when it’s time for dessert. Picnic up your plate >

Your way: Add fresh blueberries or sliced strawberries to bring an extra sundae-like element to your bowl. You’ll get more nutrients, fiber and juicy flavor and a cup of mixed berries only counts as a SmartCarb on Nutrisystem.

7. Orange Cream Bar >

Orange Creme Bar Nutrisystem Foods
Orange Creamsicle might be the most underrated flavor of all time. When you crave cool refreshment on a hot day, this sweet treat gives you a taste of creamy vanilla and orange in every lick. When your gang sees you enjoying it, they are all sure to want one, too. Only you need to know that it has just one gram of fat and 90 calories. Picnic up your plate >

Your way: Enjoy this lovely frozen treat with a dose of the real thing. One medium orange counts as a SmartCarb on Nutrisystem and bursts with juicy flavor to complement your Orange Cream Bar. You’ll also up your fiber for the day with this pairing. Pro tip: the Nutrisystem menu also offers you a Frozen Fudge Bar, when you’re hankering for the flavor of chocolate, too.