10 Nutrisystem Sampler Packs That Will Change Your Life

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Nutrisystem Sampler Packs

One of the best parts about losing weight with Nutrisystem is that you get to eat all the foods you love and still feel confident that you’ll reach your weight loss goals.Variety is definitely the spice of life… and it’s also what makes Nutrisystem different from other diets, which have you eating the same boring meals day after day. With Nutrisystem, you have the option to build your entire menu yourself. That’s right: You can literally hand-select every single meal and snack you’ll be eating. And when the options include everything from pizza to pasta to ice cream, we’re pretty sure there’s something for every taste and preference.

But if you’re not ready to make the commitment to a full-on weight loss program, or you prefer to taste the food before you take the plunge, Sampler Packs are a great way to get a feel for just how delicious dieting with Nutrisystem can be.

Sampler Packs are pre-bundled groupings of Nutrisystem foods, selected from our members’ highest-rated choices. They make it easy to try out a bunch of different meals and snacks to identify your favorites or just save some scratch by buying in bulk.

But Sampler Packs aren’t just for Nutrisystem newbies. They are extremely popular among our current customers, who love to keep an extra stash of their absolute favorite items on hand so they never run out. Plus, if you’re like many of our customers, you may find that some of your favorite foods go missing once the family gets a taste of them. Stocking up on extras (and maybe leaving them at the office this time!) is a great way to ensure that you won’t run out of your must-haves.

So whether you want to dip your toes in the Nutrisystem pool, or you’re a long-standing customer who wants to stock up on a few extra breakfast items, snacks or lunch bars, Sampler Packs are your solution.

These 10 awesome Sampler Packs are a great place to start (Click on the name of the item to access more information or purchase):

1. Grab ’n Go Breakfast Bundle-7 Pack >

Nutrisystem Sampler Packs Grab 'n Go Breakfast Bundle-7 pack
If you’re a breakfast eater, getting the day started with something good can be a challenge. Between getting the kids out the door and getting yourself out the door, hitting the drive-thru seems like an easy choice. Save yourself the hassle and some money with this bundle of ready-to-grab breakfasts. Toss one in your bag to start the day with a healthy choice that feels like a treat. There’s a doughnut, a granola bar and biscotti bites and more… all squeezed into this amazing pack! Click here to stash it now >

2. The Reach ’n’ Run Lunch Bar Bunch-7 Pack >

Nutrisystem Sampler Packs Reach 'n Run Lunch Bar Bunch-7 pack
Nutrisystem’s bars make it possible to have a delicious meal ready whenever hunger strikes—no matter where you are. And, if you’re a person that often finds yourself on the go when your stomach starts growling, having perfectly portable meal bars on hand is a great way to ensure you’ll stay on track. Instead of reaching for change to hit the vending machine, grab a Fudge Graham Bar from your bag. Instead of stocking up on snacks at the gas station, save your cash and tackle a Trail Mix Bar instead. These bars have all the chocolate, crunch, gooey sweetness and creamy flavor of your favorite candy bars, but with the gut-filling punch of fiber, as much as seven grams of protein and fewer calories than the typical candy bar. Click here to stash it now >

3. The Midday Melts-7 Pack >

Nutrisystem Sampler Packs Midday Melts-7 pack
If you love food, swapping out trips to your favorite lunch spots for a boring brown paper bag can be one of the toughest sacrifices in losing weight—and one of the biggest tests for your willpower. Make your midday meal something to look forward to with these hearty melts, ready in less than three minutes. The Steak & Cheese Melt is filled with gooey mozzarella and crisp bell peppers, and packs in 12 grams of protein in a 230-calorie package. That protein will help build lean muscle (which burns calories even while you’re resting and slows digestion), and stave off mid-afternoon snack cravings. Click here to stash it now >

4. The Snack ’n Go -14 Pack >

Nutrisystem Sampler Packs Snack 'n Go-14 pack
Nutrisystem dietitians say that when it comes to a craving, the best thing to do is eat a smart portion of the food or flavor you really want. This way, you don’t wind up mindlessly snacking on other stuff just to fill the void. With buttery popcorn, cheesy puffs, crunchy pretzels and a sweet chocolate nougat bar, this top-selling snack pack has a perfectly-portioned option for whatever type of treat you crave. Not to mention the bonus of added fiber to load up your hungry stomach. No matter which snack you choose to quell your craving, try pausing your show to enjoy it, instead of munching right on through. “Mindful” eating, a practice of concentrating on the flavors, textures and aromas of food during consumption, has been shown in multiple studies to make meals and snacks more satisfying. Basically, you won’t be left wanting more. Click here to stash it now >

5. A Taste of Italy-7 Pack >

Nutrisystem Sampler Packs A Taste of Italy-7 pack
Yes, you can eat pizza and pasta and still lose weight. Nutrisystem members and the celebs you see in the commercials love these options, because they can have their favorite flavors in perfectly-portioned sizes that fill them up. The Thick Crust Pizza is easy to customize. Top it with fresh spinach or another “unlimited” vegetable. The Lasagna with Meat Sauce is a dish hearty enough that Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Marino calls it one of his five favorites. It’s got 15 grams of protein in each 280-calorie portion, plus pinto beans for more fiber and more fullness. Click here to stash it now >

6. Comfort Cuisine-7 Pack >

Nutrisystem Sampler Packs Comfort Cuisine-7 pack
If you’ve always loved meatloaf, Thanksgiving turkey or macaroni and cheese, just the smell of these foods can bring memories rushing back: In a 2015 study from Virginia Commonwealth University, scientists were able to not only elicit nostalgia with smells of these types of comfort foods, but also increase “positive affect, self-esteem, self-continuity, optimism, social connectedness and meaning in life.” This 7-pack helps you get in on all of those positive sensations and the flavors you’ve always loved at night. Because the portions are controlled and on-plan, all of this comes without the food-coma-inducing gut bomb, usually associated with these meals. Click here to stash it now >

7. Take the Cake (and Cookies)-14 Pack >

Nutrisystem Sampler Packs Take the Cake (and Cookies)-14 pack
For some people, real comfort isn’t meatloaf: It’s dessert. One of the best parts of Nutrisystem is that you can still eat sweets—and this pack lets you try a big variety of our members’ favorites. Each is packaged in a controlled portion, and includes filling fiber and protein to keep the satisfaction going after you munch. And, probably the best part: This 14-pack lets you find your favorite, so that you can stock up. Or, maybe you’ll find that you love them all—a very likely possibility! Click here to stash it now >

8. Chocolate Lovers-7 Pack >

Nutrisystem Sampler Packs Chocolate Lovers-7 pack
The fact that you can lose weight while eating chocolate on Nutrisystem may boost your mood while you eat it! In a 2013 study (that should be a no-brainer!), scientists found that people who consumed more chocolate reported enhanced mood states. So enhance your mood and stay on your weight loss journey with this Chocolate Lovers’ 7-pack. It’s got bars, brownies, cookies and cakes for easy-to-grab desserts, plus little Nutrichocolates—bite-size, chocolate pieces that are great on their own, but even better in homemade, gourmet dessert creations like these 3-ingredient chocolate banana rounds. Click here to stash it now >

9. Mega Muffin Double Chocolate-16 Pack >

Nutrisystem Sampler Mega Muffin Double Chocolate 16-Pack
Chocolate at breakfast? Somebody, pinch us! The Double Chocolate Muffin is a favorite of just about every one of our success stories. That’s because this muffin is big, chocolatey, and tastes ridiculously awesome. But it also keeps you fueled: That’s the 11 grams of fiber doing its work, and at only 170 calories, it’s got fewer than half the calories you’ll find in muffins from major coffee chains. For an added treat, try Marie Osmond’s secret: She likes hers warmed in the microwave for 11 seconds. Click here to stash it now >

10. The Select 10 >

Nutrisystem Sampler Packs Select 10
Think of the Select 10 as the best of Nutrisystem: It’s 10 days’ worth of filling breakfasts, lunches, dinners and desserts—all selected from some of our members’ highest-rated frozen food choices. It’s all the meals you’ll need for more than a week. Really, it’s that easy: Eat these 10 days of food, and you’ll be on your way to losing weight, but unlike most diets, you won’t eat the same thing twice. Click here to stash it now >

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