6 Signs You’re Totally Obsessed with Nutrisystem

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You love it for lots (and lots) of reasons: Nutrisystem is convenient, you can eat your favorite foods and stay satisfied all day long, the plan is easy to follow—and it works! Are you obsessed with Nutrisystem?

Here’s how you know if you’re obsessed with Nutrisystem:

1. Your grocery list reads “PowerFuels” and “SmartCarbs.”

It used to say bananas and oatmeal; and chicken and almonds. But these days you refer to your foods in “NutriSpeak.” Meats, dairy and nuts are now known as PowerFuels. Fruits are SmartCarbs, so are whole grain rice and pastas and starchy veggies like beans and corn. Your food language is also rubbing off on your family: In the mornings, the kids ask for hard-boiled PowerFuels; and for dinner, it’s SmartCarbs on the cob.

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2. You track your Nutrisystem order every day (sometimes twice).

You know it only takes four to 10 business days to arrive, but you can’t help it. There are more than 150 delicious foods to choose from and you’re planning to sample each one. Between the breakfast Biscotti Bites and filling Turkey Sausage & Egg Muffin; nostalgic Chicken Noodle Soup or warm Steak & Cheese Melt for lunch; delicious dinner options, like Thick Crust Pizza, Hearty Beef Stew or Sesame Ginger Chicken; and of course, the cookies, frozen treats and salty snacks—you’re understandably impatient.

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3. The Weight Loss Coaches know your kids’ names and vacation plans.

You talk to them often. They answer all your questions—both big and small. They help push through a weight loss plateau, plan family dinners or inspire new flex meals. When you can’t seem to fit exercise into your busy day, they have ideas; when you’re worried about succumbing to the all-you-can-eat buffets on your upcoming family cruise, they have strategies. And when you just need someone to encourage you on blah days, they are there to answer.

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4. You log into NuMi more than your Instagram or Facebook.

Of all the apps on your smartphone, NuMi gets the most play. You log your food, drinks and weight religiously. You use it to help shop at the supermarket and record your workout at the gym. You rely on it for recipe ideas when you’re cooking at home and recommendations when you’re dining out. And you jump on those private sales and giveaways that are exclusive to you and your fellow NuMi lovers.

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5. You laminated copies of the Grocery Guide.

Multiple copies, in fact, that are stashed in strategic spots: The pantry, your pocketbook, glovebox in the car and one is even stuck on your fridge door. That way you and your family have a list of healthy foods and their proper portions at your fingertips. (Need a refresher on the Grocery Guide? Click here to access it >)

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6. You’ve anointed yourself a Nutrisystem brand ambassador.

You’re officially obsessed. You know exactly how the plan works: Portion control + balanced nutrition + frequent meals. You’ve tried countless Nutrisystem foods and posted reviews. You drink out of a Nutrisystem Sport Water Bottle and pack your lunch in a Cool ‘N Carry Kit. You can create a flex meal with whatever you have in your fridge and spot a healthy option on any menu. And you talk about all of it, all the time—to friends at work, family at home and sometimes even strangers on the supermarket checkout line. Your enthusiasm is infectious and your results have inspired others to lose weight with Nutrisystem.

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7. You’ve got an entire shelf (or room!) devoted to your Nutribears.

NutribearsAnd maybe you’ve even named them. That’s because your Nutribears aren’t just another stuffed toy to you. They’re a physical representation of all the hard work you’ve put in to get where you are now. Whether you’ve lost 10, 20 or 200 pounds, you’ve worked hard to get where you are so it’s no wonder you’ve got those cute, cuddly little guys on display! Just be sure to leave room for that gold NutriBear, which you’ll get once you’ve achieved your goal weight (because you will!).

Don’t have any NutriBears just yet? Be sure to regularly log your weight in NuMi so we know when you’ve reached the milestones that warrant a new bear!