The Best of The Leaf: Top 10 Stories of 2015

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With 2015 rapidly coming to a close, we’re preparing to close the books on another great year at Nutrisystem. But, because it was such a great year, we’d be remiss to move on without recapping some of the best moments on The Leaf. Check out the top 10 articles we ran this year and don’t forget to check back tomorrow to find out how your favorite recipes ranked with our recipe edition.

And now, without further ado: here are the top 10 most popular stories we published in 2015:

5 Ingredients You Should Always Avoid
Learn about five processed food ingredients that you should avoid and why.

10 Foods You Must Have in Your Diet
Nutrisystem’s dietitians provide a list of the top 10 foods you should be eating.

6 Diet “Rules” You Should Break Right Now
Some rules were meant to be broken. Learn the top diet “rules” you should always ignore.

5 Ways to Beat Belly Fat
Get five simple tips for beating visceral fat (belly fat), including which foods and activities to eliminate.

4 Easy Things To Do in the Morning That Will Make Your Whole Day Better
Try these four smart strategies to start your day the healthy way.

Diet Not Exercise is the Key to Weight Loss
It’s surprising, we know. But science has proven that focusing your efforts on diet, not exercise, is the key to weight loss.

Reasons to Battle Belly Fat and How to Do It
We make a case for trimming your tummy and serve up some strategies for battling the belly bulge.

10 Sweat-Free Weight Loss Tips
Burn calories without exercising? Sign us up! Learn 10 ways to torch calories that don’t involve a workout.

5 Foods That Boost Your Brainpower
Eat your way to a smarter you with these five foods. Don’t mind if we do.

5 “Healthy” Habits That Slow Your Weight Loss
Thought you were on track? Learn five seemingly healthy habits that may be slowing your weight loss.