The NutriStar Treatment: You Could Be Next!

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Nutrisystem success stories

Ever wonder what it’s like to get the star treatment? These Nutrisystem success stories can tell you first-hand. That’s because these slimmed-down superstars entered our 2015 NutriStar Contest and were selected to participate in a commercial shoot in Tampa, Fla. Get a healthy dose of inspiration reading all about their fabulous experiences!

Rebecca lost 30 lbs. on Nutrisystem.*

Rebecca Dalton
“Being a Nutristar is an amazing experience. One day you are trying to lose weight and keep it off, then all of a sudden you are invited to go to a professional studio, have a team of stylists and artists make you look your best and then professional photographers and videographers capture it all on film! It doesn’t seem real at first. Then, slowly over time, more and more people recognize you and start asking questions. When you go places, people want to hear about your success and they like to share their weight loss journey with you also. Seeing yourself on TV is also surreal. The first time you see yourself, you wonder how it is even possible you are on there. Over time, you settle into it and it becomes a fun part of your weight loss journey. Being a Nutristar is awesome!

I am so thankful I took the time to enter the NutriStar contest because of the other Nutristars that I had the opportunity to connect with. The common thread among the Nutristars I met is we all had a ‘moment’ where we committed to make the changes necessary to lose weight. These people are excited and committed and I feel lucky we were given an opportunity to get together and talk about what we did and how we did it. Everyone’s weight loss success was crafted differently because Nutrisystem has so many wonderful food choices and tools to choose from. I met individuals that continue to inspire me and I look forward to seeing their social media posts about their continued journey. Celebrating the results of our hard work and commitment was a blast. Thank you Nutrisystem!”

Traci lost 100 lbs. on Nutrisystem.*

Traci Downey
“It’s a huge honor and privilege to have been chosen as a NutriStar and now be an inspiration to others in this journey. I am thankful I entered the NutriStar contest as it has been a great platform for encouraging others to stick with their plans and dig deep. By making “One Good Decision at a Time,” they too can achieve their goals. I love the support from Nutrisystem… from weight loss coaching to motivational support, the rewards are incredible and there is more to be achieved. I have my life back and I know it works.”

Tammy lost 41 lbs. on Nutrisystem.*

Tammy Hall
“Being a NutriStar is an absolute BLAST! I am having the time of my life traveling and celebrating my weight loss success with all my new NutriStar friends. We may not be celebrities, but Nutrisystem sure does go above and beyond to make us feel like stars! I assure you, hearing my excited friends and family say ‘I just saw you on TV!’ never gets old.

I am so thankful that I entered the NutriStar contest because the recognition has inspired dozens of people I care about to get healthy and start their Nutrisystem journey. It’s been so rewarding to cheer them on and celebrate their weight loss milestones. I would absolutely encourage anyone who has lost weight with Nutrisystem to enter the NutriStar contest. Who knows… maybe we’ll meet at a future photo shoot!”

Laura lost 30 lbs. on Nutrisystem.*

Laura Avon
“Becoming a NutriStar has been the highlight of my year. I had no idea how exciting this journey would be when it all first started. The Nutrisystem team has gone above and beyond to make each and every one of us feel so special and, most of all, successful. The photo/video shoots are an absolute blast! From hair to makeup to wardrobe, each step was more surprising than the last. Whether you lost 15 pounds or 170 pounds, the Nutrisystem team was there each step of the way to hear our stories and share our experiences. This support group has been one of the greatest assets to my success.

I am so thankful that I entered the NutriStar contest. Throughout this process, the confidence I’ve gained is immeasurable. In the past I used to hate looking at myself in the mirror and now, I’m posing in front of a camera! During this journey I have met some of the most inspirational people and I know I will share a lifelong friendship with them (along with tons of shared recipes). I am so grateful for this experience because Nutrisystem has motivated me to change my life, lose the weight, keep it off and have fun in the process. I am feeling self-confident and am the happiest I’ve been in my life!”

*Real Success Story. Weight lost on prior program. Expect to lose an avg 1-2 lbs per week on program.