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Nutrisystem EveryBody $50,000 Giveaway

Time is running out to share your success story! We’re quickly approaching June 2nd, the last day to enter the Nutrisystem EveryBody $50,000 Giveaway. This is a reminder to enter and share your weight loss journey. If you’ve had success on Nutrisystem, don’t miss out on this chance to inspire others and win a cash prize!

One of the things that makes Nutrisystem so special is all of our inspiring members. Each one is unique and has a story that’s worth celebrating! That’s why we’re looking for real people (just like you!) to share their unique experience and weight loss journey. Not only do you get to inspire others, but you also have the chance to win your share of $50,000 in cash!

Your success story is waiting to be shared. It’s easy to enter the Nutrisystem EveryBody $50,000 Giveaway: Just head on over to https://story.nutrisystem.com/contest to learn more and submit your story!

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In the meantime, get some inspiration and motivation to reach your goals. Check out our 2022 giveaway winners below!:

Emily D. lost 20 lbs

“I gained a lot of weight during my pregnancy and didn’t feel like myself anymore. I was unhappy when I looked in the mirror. Realizing my wedding was coming up made me feel even worse about how I looked,” explains Emily. “With Nutrisystem, I am down 20 lbs and just feel better about my eating habits. I don’t stress when I am craving a sweet snack because I know I can make something that will satisfy me without making me feel guilty about it later.

Benjamin K. lost 10 lbs

“Being a registered nurse has been hard these past two years and even harder when I became a nurse practitioner. One day I realized I couldn’t fit into my large scrub pants and had to buy an XL. It crushed my soul and I told my wife I needed to lose weight. I was so busy taking care of other people, I forgot to take care of myself,” says Benjamin. “It has improved my mental health, made my relationship stronger and I gained a confidence about myself that I never knew I had. Now I’m not afraid to be seen. This is me. I’m strong and happy. I’ve been ashamed of myself in the past, but now I’m not. I’m brave because of Nutrisystem.”

Audrey B. lost 50 lbs

“I started Nutrisystem because I no longer felt comfortable in my own skin. I felt awkward and ashamed to leave the house. I was engaged at the time and I decided I did not want to feel ashamed on my wedding day. I decided to give Nutrisystem a try to prep for my wedding and it completely changed my relationship with food,” explains Audrey. “I now have confidence that I didn’t even know was possible. I’m happier and healthier than ever and I now enjoy eating healthy and staying active.”

Adam R. lost 40 lbs

“I saw the scale get to 199 lbs. I had never seen it hit 200 lbs. I was always in good shape and let myself go in a short amount of time. I motivated myself when I realized the projection that I was on if I didn’t take action,” says Adam. “Now I am much more active. I have found more hobbies to do outside. Golfing, biking, and boating. Nutrisystem also helped me change the way I think about food.”

Taylor M. lost 64 lbs

“After going to college, I gained a substantial amount of weight without my competitive sports and food became a comfort for me. There were many fluctuations as I tried every diet plan possible, but I could never lose the weight and keep it off until Nutrisystem,” explains Taylor. “I feel like myself again. I am confident and happy without constantly worrying about what to eat and when. I find myself going out and doing more. I actually enjoy clothes shopping and putting effort into looking good and feeling good about myself. I am finally able to play soccer again and have joined an adult league. My confidence has been beneficial in my personal and professional life. Thank you, Nutrisystem!”

Keith P. lost 55 lbs

“I was never overweight until my 50’s. My doctor scared me when they said you are ‘this’ far away from needing high blood pressure meds and ‘this’ far away from diabetes. I tried several things that didn’t work, then I saw an ad on TV for Nutrisystem,” says Keith. “It’s been five years since I started the program and my doctor is still very impressed. All my numbers for my age are spot on. The food is good but better yet it helped me understand food and nutrition better. Now I don’t live to eat, I eat to live.”

Rachel S. lost 130 lbs

“I have a husband and two kids. I didn’t have the energy to keep up and didn’t want to be uncomfortable anymore. I just wanted someone to tell me what and how much to eat. I clearly didn’t have a clue what I was doing,” explains Rachel. “I went from always trying to hide in the background, not wanting to be seen and not being any kind of athletic, to now taking kickboxing and Krav Maga classes in a group setting, every week. I am always up for getting exercise now and I just want to keep improving.”

Chris C. lost 194 lbs

“I knew I had to change when I didn’t recognize myself on my home security system footage. I started reading up on Nutrisystem after seeing some TV commercials and thought I’d give it a try. My only regret is not starting Nutrisystem sooner,” says Chris. “My chronic back and knee problems are gone. I am off my blood pressure medication completely. I am now able to go on hikes and play with my dog without having to stop and catch my breath every few minutes. I am able to sleep better and I feel like a different person. I made a commitment to myself to be healthy for myself and my family and after many attempts, I was finally able to achieve success with the help of Nutrisystem.”

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*Real success stories. Contest $ winners. Expect to lose an avg. 1-2 lbs per week.