Win Big with the 2019 NuMi Challenge

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Weight loss can be rewarding for many reasons, but we’re here to tell you about a specific reason that just may top your list—the 2019 NuMi Challenge! It’s a fun and rewarding way to jumpstart your weight loss goals and boost your motivation this year. The best part about this challenge? Participants can win FREE gifts, special Nutrisystem discounts and exclusive badges.

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Sure, you hear the word “challenge” and immediately think tons of requirements and stipulations—not for this one! It’s super simple: There are a total of six challenges and with each challenge lasting two weeks, you will quickly be on your way to a weight loss diet win!

Each challenge includes three tasks—a standard task, a bonus task and an Elite task. So, you get three chances to win! And don’t worry—when we said simple, we meant simple. All you are required to do is complete easy tasks (think logging your daily food intake, keeping up with activity and drinking your water). PLUS, stay motivated with Elite tasks – conquering your tracking streaks.

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The best part about the 2019 NuMi Challenge? Every time you complete a task, you win a prize! Who doesn’t love FREE gifts and awesome discounts? On top of the FREE gifts and special Nutrisystem discounts, earn challenge badges for completing challenge tasks and Exclusive Recipe Cards for completing bonus tasks.

The Elite task is for all you Super Users out there, perfecting your tracking streak! Stayed motivated all challenge long by turning tasks into habits and unlock the Elite Challenge Badge. Collect and share these special rewards on social media with #NuMiChallenge to win even BIGGER rewards!

The first challenge kicks off on December 31st, but you can jump in and join the fun at any point. With a rolling start date, whenever you sign up for or download NuMi, you become eligible to participate in the 2019 NuMi Challenge on the Monday following your download date.

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And NuMi will notify you every time a new challenge kicks off and let you know what specific tasks need to be completed for that challenge. Already a NuMi user? You’re set! Just make sure your phone is set up to receive push notifications (tap “More” > “Settings” > “Communication Settings”).

Not using NuMi? What are you waiting for?! Download NuMi for iPhone and Android through the App Store or Google Play today. Or, check out NuMi on your desktop by clicking here > Once you’re signed in, you’ll get your 2019 NuMi Challenge communications through your News Feed (to access your News Feed, tap “More” > “News Feed” > “Challenges”) Just remember: New challenges will kick off on Mondays!

Ready, set, win!