First Week of FreshStart: What Do I Eat & When?

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If you’re new to Nutrisystem, you may have received the FreshStart™ Week 1 kit in your first order. The first week of FreshStart™ is a special week of your weight loss program designed to jumpstart your results. During the first week, you will be eating foods we specially selected for you, along with at least four servings of non-starchy vegetables. Once you’ve completed your first week, you’ll get to pick and choose which foods you want to eat, and you’ll also start adding in SmartCarbs and PowerFuels (find out what these are in this informative article).

If you want a little more information about what to expect from your FreshStart Week 1, we’ve got you covered with Everything You Need to Know About Your First Week of FreshStart™.

But, if you just want to know what an average day on your first week should look like, here’s a quick infographic that gives the skinny:

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