Marie Osmond’s 10 Favorite Nutrisystem Foods for Weight Loss

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When Marie Osmond joined Nutrisystem 10 years ago, it wasn’t just her physical appearance she wanted to transform: “I didn’t feel good. I was tired. My joints ached. My confidence was down,” she says. Nutrisystem helped the singer, actress, hostess, author and busy mom lose 50 pounds*—and she says she felt great. “I have so much energy now, too. I haven’t had this kind of energy in at least 10 years… I feel better, and I feel younger, too. They say you can’t turn back time. Well, look at me and say that!”


That was 10 years ago, and Marie still looks amazing. Losing weight is tough to begin with, but keeping it off is even tougher: A 1999 study found that just 20 percent of people who lost at least 10 percent of their body weight were able to keep it off for more than a year.

So how has Marie managed to stay so slim and trim? One reason: She knows her favorite Nutrisystem diet foods. And to celebrate her 10 years of success and inspiration, we’ve compiled a list of them.

Here are 10 of Marie Osmond’s favorite Nutrisystem diet foods for weight loss:

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1. Fudge Graham Bar >

Marie Osmond's Favorite Nutrisystem Meals and Snacks Fudge Grahm Bar
This isn’t some puny “fun size” bar; the Fudge Graham Bar is loaded with gooey marshmallows, chunks of graham cracker and covered in chocolate. Whether you’re on-set like Marie, trying to get through a temptation-filled day of meetings at the office, or out running errands, this grab & go lunch bar is a mouthwatering meal to keep stashed in your purse or backpack. And unlike regular candy bars, it’s got the best balance of nutrients: 14 grams of protein to help you stay full, staving off cravings later in the day. Click here for more information, or to purchase >

2. Thin Mint Crisp Bar >

thin mint
When you’re really craving one of your favorite flavors—like chocolate or ice cream—Nutrisystem dietitians say it’s best to tackle it head on. Instead of mindlessly munching on crackers or other foods to try to fill the void, your winning strategy for crushing that craving is to eat a reasonable portion of the food you really desire, enjoying every bite. This Thin Mint Crisp Bar puts that power in your purse (or pocket!) for whenever you need it most: It’s not “diet food,” but a decadent version of everyone’s favorite flavor combo in a portion that’s pre-measured to fit your diet plan—so if you’re busy like Marie, you can grab one without worry. Click here for more information, or to purchase >

3. White Cheddar Popcorn >

Marie Osmond's Favorite Nutrisystem Meals and Snacks White Cheddar Popcorn
This is another easy snack to grab, and while it seems light, the five grams of protein and three grams of fiber in the bag make this popcorn surprisingly filling. And if you are tempted to gobble it quickly as you tap away at emails or swipe through your phone, you can make this snack more fulfilling by taking it slow: In multiple studies, dieters who ate “mindfully,” concentrating on the flavors and textures of what they were eating, felt more satisfied than those who were distracted. Mindful eaters in one British study not only ate less during their distraction-free meal, but ate fewer calories the rest of the day. Click here for more information, or to purchase >

4. Rotini & Meatballs >

Marie Osmond's Favorite Nutrisystem Meals and Snacks Rotini and Meatballs
Yes, you can eat pasta and still keep weight off year after year. This rotini dish is just one of four pasta favorites for Marie, and it’s easy to see why it’s helped her stay on track for a decade. It’s got 15 grams of filling protein—more than you’ll get from two hard-boiled eggs. And it won’t just fill you up: Protein helps your body build muscle, which burns more calories at rest than fat does. So, by eating pasta, maybe you’ll even increase your metabolism over time! Click here for more information, or to purchase >

5. Nutrisystem Chocolate Shakes >

Nutrisystem Shakes are great for breakfast, after lunch to quell cravings or after dinner as an easy, chocolate-flavored dessert. They’re packed with protein to help keep you full, and they’re easy to customize to create new, exciting desserts each day—mixing the shake with coffee and water creates a frothy, energizing alternative for the a.m., or using a recipe like this Chocolate Coconut Smoothie is the perfect treat for any time of day. Unlike plain protein powder, Nutrisystem Shakes come with a secret power: Probiotics. In studies, this “good for your gut” bacteria can help you have a healthier mouth, lower blood pressure, stave off infection or just improve how your belly feels. A 2012 research review published in the Journal of the American Medical Association suggested that probiotics can reduce diarrhea symptoms caused by antibiotics by as much as 60 percent. Click here for more information, or to purchase >

6. White Cheddar Mac and Cheese >

Marie Osmond's Favorite Nutrisystem Meals and Snacks White Cheddar Mac and Cheese
This bowl of mac and cheese is comfort food you can enjoy in as little as five minutes—and you can keep it in a desk drawer, so it’s ready whenever the mood for a gooey, cheesy lunch strikes. No wonder it’s one of Marie’s faves! This protein-packed mac is also endlessly customizable: Try spicing it up with a little buffalo sauce for lunch with a kick, adding crab for a more decadent meal or filling it with veggies for nutrients, flavor and even more filling fiber. Click here for more information or to purchase >

7. Double Chocolate Muffin >

Marie’s not alone in loving this one: Melissa Joan Hart is a big fan, too. And when Nutrisystem asked other, real people who have lost big weight on the program to name their favorite Nutrisystem diet foods, almost all of them mentioned the Double Chocolate Muffin. And why not? It’s chocolate you can eat for breakfast, guilt-free! With 11 grams of fiber, the Double Chocolate Muffin will fill you up, and at only 170 calories, it’s got fewer than half the calories you’ll find in muffins from major coffee chains. Marie likes it warmed in the microwave for 11 seconds. One of our members tried her muffin warm, and said it’s “a taste of heaven.” Click here for more information, or to purchase >

8. Cinnamon Bun >

Marie Osmond's Favorite Nutrisystem Meals and Snacks Cinnamon Bun
A regular cinnamon roll from a leading chain has 37 grams of fat and almost 900 calories—and just two grams of fiber! Melt the icing on this Nutrisystem bun in the microwave, and you’ll get all that gooey goodness with triple the fiber, just two grams of fat and 140 calories. Making smart swaps like this helps Marie (and others) lose weight on Nutrisystem, and stay on track. Click here for more information, or to purchase >

9. Ravioli Formaggio

If you love cheese—and who doesn’t?—the mix of Romano and ricotta in this ravioli is sure to please. And the 14 grams of protein in each dish make it even more satiating and satisfying. But if you’re looking for even more pasta with dinner, try this simple recipe for spaghetti squash to amp up your ravioli dinner. You’ll more than double the amount of “pasta” you get to eat! Click here for more information, or to purchase >

10. Stuffed Shells

Marie Osmond's Favorite Nutrisystem Meals and Snacks Stuffed Shells
More for the cheese lovers: These stuffed shells have a healthy portion of Romano and ricotta cheeses inside, mixed with flavor- and nutrient-packed spinach. The sauce is seasoned with fresh basil and Italian herbs—of course Marie loves it! Try serving these shells on a bed of sauteed spinach; it’s simple to make and adds more flavor and filling fiber, a perfect complement to the shells. Click here for more information, or to purchase >

*Weight lost on a prior program. Expect to lose an avg. of 1-2 lbs per week.