5 New Foods to Add to Your Next Shipment

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new menu items

At Nutrisystem, we understand that eating the same foods day in and day out leads to boredom, which can tempt you to stray from your healthy eating plan and make it hard to stay on track to your weight loss goal. That’s why our menu offers you more than 150 delicious options, with irresistible choices for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. And we’re always adding exciting new menu items that our chefs and nutritionists have whipped up. We’ve recently added these five that are sure to become favorites on your list.

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Check out five, delicious new menu items you NEED to add to your next shipment:

1. Lemon Zest Cake >


Meal Occasion: Snack

To kick off our list of delicious new menu items, this cake’s sweet-tart citrusy flavor is so light and refreshing it will satisfy your cravings for a treat while also filling you up with five grams of wholesome fiber. It comes with a drizzle of icing, but has just 140 calories per serving. You can make it even better by using it as “the base of a more elaborate dessert such as a berry shortcake, perhaps with fresh blueberries,” suggests Ms. G., a Nutrisystem customer from San Antonio, Texas.

2. Butterscotch Cake >


Meal Occasion: Snack

Made with real eggs and natural sweeteners—no artificial flavors used—this tasty cake fits perfectly into your healthy eating plan. A serving has five grams of protein and just four grams of total fat. “It hits that craving spot that I sometimes have at night when I need something sweet with my coffee. It is just the right size,” says Puzgrl, who lives in southwest Oklahoma.

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3. Baked Banana & Chocolate Oatmeal >


Meal Occasion: Breakfast

Bananas and oatmeal are hearty foods that really satisfy your hunger first thing in the morning and keep you feeling full all the way to lunch. This version heats up in seconds, so you get a hot meal to start your day, and it’s easy to eat while you’re busy getting yourself and the rest of the family ready to get out the door. Best of all, sweet drops of chocolate make this breakfast as much fun to eat as those sugary cereals you loved as a kid.

4. Chocolate Chip Baked Bar >


Meal Occasion: Breakfast

When you need a healthy, filling breakfast you can take with you, this bar can be your ideal solution. With its rolled oats base, you get five grams of fiber and five grams of protein, so you’re powered up all morning. Sweet butter, brown sugar and honey give the bar that homemade flavor and keep it soft and chewy. Plus, the chocolate chips in every bite make it “taste like a chocolate chip cookie,” according to a Nutrisystem customer from Seattle.

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5. Artichoke & Spinach Stuffed Chicken Breast >

new menu items

Meal Occasion: Dinner

The last of our delicious, new menu items is this tender, seasoned chicken breast that’s filled with melty cheese and tasty artichokes and spinach. This is the kind of indulgent dish you’d be tempted to order in a nice restaurant when you’re not trying to shed extra pounds. Our version lets you enjoy these delicious ingredients at home, while keeping you on track to your weight loss goal. You get 17 grams of healthy protein to keep you feeling satisfied when you’re finished. Plus, we’ve done all the hard work so all you need to do is heat and serve. “It is so good and tasty, even my non-dieter husband loves it,” reports Redhead Cowgirl of Farmington, Illinois.

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