Man Hacks: How to Build a Better Sloppy Joe for the Big Game

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We have the perfect (and healthy) hack to a man food favorite— Sloppy Joes. Yes, they are still sloppy, but no, they do not contain an overabundance of calories, grease and extra ingredients that aren’t actually needed to make this classic dish enjoyable.

This tasty take on your Nutrisystem Hamburger is sure to become an absolute go-to for the big game every. single. week. What makes these satisfying Sloppy Joes so spectacular (aside from their undeniable deliciousness)? — They take minutes to whip up.

Remove the meat from your Nutrisystem Hamburger. Need a few extra burgers to stock up? Grab them here! > Cut the meat into small pieces. Sauté chopped onion garlic, adding in your meat. Slowly add in a half cup of tomato sauce, a teaspoon of tomato paste, a tablespoon of chili powder and a teaspoon of mustard. Stir all ingredients and serve on your hamburger bun with a bed of lettuce.

The savory sauté of onions, garlic, meat, tomato sauce, tomato paste and mustard, spiced with the zesty flavor of chili powder, is sure to make these mouthwatering Sloppy Joes a fan favorite (for you and everyone else cheering on your team!). A few simple ingredients, and you not only have a man food favorite—you have a Nutrisystem-approved man food favorite. That’s as much of a win as your team pulling through during the big game, if you ask us.

Enjoy these delicious Sloppy Joes while watching your team pull off the victory and continue to enjoy your weight loss victory as well.

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