Go Ahead and Enjoy that Lazy Sunday

Article posted in: Diet & Nutrition

Sunday mornings were just made for staying in bed longer than usual. Most days, as soon as you wake up, you start to think of a million things you have to do. But on Sundays, if you’re lucky, there’s a little less pressure to get up and at ’em. And while you might feel a bit guilty about staying in bed, there are some great reasons to stay right where you are:

You probably need the rest. Studies have shown that most Americans don’t get the recommended minimum seven hours of sleep each night. And while it’s better to aim for at least seven each night, if you can catch a few more hours of snoozing on Sundays, you’ll be doing yourself a favor: A good night’ sleep helps create proper levels of the hormones that make you feel satisfied after eating, so you’re less likely to gorge.

It’s family time. Staying in bed with your loved one, then having the kids come over for a visit can be a great way to catch up on family time. Remember to leave the electronic devices downstairs and focus on each other.

It’s a great place to drink coffee. Everyone’s favorite morning beverage is being found to have a ton of heart-healthy benefits, and by revving your metabolism.

You have the time to plan out your day—and week. Consider using the extra time on Sunday morning to figure out what you’re going to do today, and this week. One of the keys to a successful weight loss program is having a plan and sticking to it as best you can. Make that plan now.