How to Give Your New Year’s Resolution a Reboot

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Three months have passed since we all laced up our sneakers and went full speed ahead with our New Year’s Resolutions. But since daily life and old routines have the tendency to creep back in, it’s possible that our Rocky Balboa training regimens have all but disappeared.

If your New Year’s Resolution feels like a broken promise from the past, now is the time to get back on track and focus on your future. Maintaining your health is a life-long process full of ups and downs. So it’s ok if you’ve recently let good habits fall to the wayside. You have the power to correct those slip-ups right now, one meal at a time, one workout at a time. Recommit to your health and give your goals a reboot with these focused tips:

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Clear the Fridge and Cabinets of Junk

Take inventory of the types of foods in your kitchen. Replace the junk and high-processed food, devoid of nutritional value, with fresh fruits, veggies and whole foods. All it takes is one good pre-grocery trip planning session to stock the fridge in a healthy way. Utilize Nutrisystem’s Grocery Guide for a list of SmartCarbs, PowerFuels, Vegetables, Extras and Free Foods for a clear guide on what to buy. Together with our 150+ balanced food choices you will be all set for eating success.

Set Attainable Goals and Do the Work to Reach Them

If you know what you are working toward, it’s easier to get motivated. Create a goal and work backwards until you get to what you should be doing today to reach it. Planning and preparation are key aspects of reaching your goals. Schedule a mental planning session every night to prepare for tomorrow’s successes.

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Track Your Progress

There are multiple ways of going about tracking your progress. You can take your measurements, record what you eat in a food journal, and utilize a fitness tracker. These routines keep you accountable and active in your health pursuit. Try any of NuMi, Nutrisystem’s FREE online tracking tool to keep track like a pro.

Take Your Fitness Outdoors

Spring has arrived and with it comes milder temperatures and longer days perfect for an outdoor activity. Reacquaint yourself with the budding trees, chirping birds and sunny skies with a walk or jog in the park. Want to spice it up? Many local gyms and yoga studios offer seasonal outdoor classes where you can get your sweat on in the presence of nature. Do some research, sign up and show up!