ICYMI: Special Halloween Edition

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pumpkins and fall leaves

The Leaf was jam-packed this week with great stories on how to navigate festive Halloween celebrations while staying on your weight loss program. We know you want to start carving pumpkins and putting the finishing touches on those costumes, so we’ll get right to it. Enjoy this week’s edition of the Best of the Leaf, ICYMI: Special Halloween Edition.

Your Ultimate Halloween Survival Guide In this comprehensive guide, we dish out strategies to deal with every Halloween hurdle. There won’t be anything scary about this spooky holiday once you’ve read this piece!

7 Not So Sweet Halloween Candies to Avoid That’s right: Not all Halloween candy is created equal. Check out this piece, which dives into the nutritional information for some of the more horrifying Halloween sweet treats.

No Tricks! Just 13 Healthy Halloween Treats These adorable festive treats will leave you so satisfied, you’ll forget all about the guilt-laden treats. Plus, your party guests will be so impressed by your creativity!

5 Healthy Halloween Swaps We offer 5 simple switches designed to keep you on the straight and narrow path to weight loss.

Halloween Candy by The Numbers America’s 5 most popular candies all contain chocolate, which can be a good thing. But what about the calorie count? And how much of each sweet can you treat yourself to and still stay true to your weight loss goals? We decode it all for you.

Quiz: What’s Your Halloween Candy IQ? Think you know all there is to know about your favorite candies? Take our quiz and see how deep your knowledge really is.

Your 10-Point Halloween Survival Guide From eating before you go out to waiting until the last minute to buy candy you don’t want to eat, let The Leaf guide you through the traps of Halloween with these 10 simple tricks that will allow you to enjoy the holiday while staying on-plan.

How to Have a Healthy Halloween Party Forget the buckets of candy and tubs of beer. We’ll show you how to do a Halloween party right.