ICYMI: This Week on The Leaf

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The Leaf was very multimedia this week, with videos, recipes and stories topping the charts on Nutrisystem’s weight loss site. If you missed anything, or need help catching up on your reading, enjoy this installment of ICYMI: This Week on The Leaf, November 8, 2015 edition.

Recipe: Not Your Mother’s Pesto: Few things taste better on noodles of any type than the delicious flavor burst of pesto. But traditional recipes are high in fat and calories. Our version of the classic sauce will help you stay on your weight loss program while still enjoying the delicious taste of this classic dish.

7 Foods for Healthier Hair: You don’t need a bottle of expensive product to get thick, lustrous hair—great tresses can just as easily come from eating the right foods. Here are seven that are sure to help you get bouncing and behaving locks.

It’s That Time of Year: Get Your Vitamin D: Direct sunlight is the best way to get vitamin D, which you need to help process calcium and build strong bones. But with fall’s shorter days and darker skies, what’s a body to do? Here are some ways to make sure you get your daily dose.

Video: A Total Transformation—And a Touching Reunion: When Fontana Smith’s husband left on a 288-day deployment, she decided it was time to take back her life. Watch her story of weight loss and redemption, and the couple’s emotional reunion.

6 Things Nobody Tells You About Losing Weight: You know you’ll look and feel better if you lose weight, but there are other, more subtle transformations that occur along the route of your weight loss journey. Here are six unexpected things about weight loss that nobody tells you.