ICYMI: This Week on The Leaf

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We love weekends. What’s not to love? Even if you have to work, chances are good you can squeeze in a little downtime. And what better way to enjoy it than by catching up on your favorite weight loss blog, Nutrisystem’s The Leaf. We ran the gamut of fascinating news, stories and videos this week, from weight loss lessons our cats taught us to a primer on dietary fats to traits and behaviors healthy people have in common. So get comfortable and enjoy our regular Saturday feature, ICYMI: This Week on The Leaf.

Fats: The Good, the Bad and the Gray Area: When it comes to weight loss, fat is not the enemy. So how are you supposed to tell the difference between the fats that fill and the fats that kill? We demystify lipids and set you on the course to a healthy relationship with a vital but misunderstood nutrient.

5 Secrets of Healthy People: Being healthy takes some hard work and conscious effort. Here are a few tips we can all take from the healthiest among us. Sneak peak: sleep more!

Ridiculously Delicious Coffee Banana Smoothie: We can’t decide what’s better: the fact that this simple smoothie is so easy to make, the fact that it tastes so good, or the fact that it tastes like coffee! Watch this fun video and decide for yourself!

Weightlifting May Help Your Brain A recent study shows that lifting weights, even light ones, twice a week can help fend off signs and symptoms of aging in the brain. As if you needed any more reason to move around!

What My Cats Taught Me About Weight Loss: You can learn a lot about weight loss from watching your cats. Here they are, the feline lessons on how love, sleep, exercise and eating right can help you lose weight.