ICYMI: This Week on The Leaf

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October arrived this week, and with it a host of great stories on The Leaf on topics ranging from weight loss and women’s health to a quiz designed to test your knowledge of all things relating to apples to one of our favorites, a roundup of ways you can be sure to lose weight this fall. Enjoy your weekend with ICYMI: This Week on the Leaf.

6 Easy Ways to Lose Weight this Fall: Don’t wait for January to take the pledge! Start losing weight right now with these six amazing tips to help you lose it and keepit off.

Quiz: How Well Do You Know Your Apple Facts? Think you’re an apple expert? Take this fun quiz and see just how in the know you are about one of America’s favorite fruits.

14 Fascinating Fruit Facts: And as if an apple quiz weren’t enough, we present a roundup on all there is to know about bananas, the best way to ripen a pineapple and just how many seeds there really are in a strawberry.

6 Ways Weight Loss Can Improve Women’s Health: From fighting off cancer to improving fertility, the health benefits of losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight are many. Here are six of the most compelling.

Women’s Health and Fitness by the Numbers: In honor of National Women’s Health and Fitness Day, we take a numerical look at the state of women’s health.