ICYMI: This Week on The Leaf

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We know you might not have had time to read The Leaf every day this week. And we also know that even if you did read it, you might not have seen all the great stuff we published. So to make life a little easier—hey, it’s the weekend after all—we present this week’s installment of ICYMI: This Week on The Leaf.

The Best Ways to Lighten Up Your Latte: What would we be without coffee? A nation of tea-drinkers, for surely we need our daily caffeine fix. But some coffee drinks can be absolute diet-busters because of the amount of sugar and fat they contain. Here are five simple steps for making sure your morning jolt gives you a buzz, not a ton of calories.

5 Surprising Benefits of Spicy Food: From clearing out clogged sinuses to stoking your metabolism, the active ingredients in spicy food have been shown to have an astonishing array of health benefits. We fire up the top five health benefits of capsaicin.

Here are the Winners of the $40,000 Nutristar Giveaway! Read the amazing and inspiring stories of real-life weight loss from regular people just like you who lost big on Nutrisystem and won big in the Nutristar Giveaway. The winners are all here!

5-Point Restaurant Survival Guide: A new study based on a huge amount of data has found that eating in a nice restaurant can be just as much of a weight loss-crusher as eating fast food. But it doesn’t have to be if you follow these five tactics that will help you enjoy your meal out without falling off the path.