ICYMI: This Week on The Leaf

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Wow. What a busy week. Nobody would blame you if you decided to spend today with your feet up, recovering from a hectic week of travel, feasting, hosting, cooking and other duties. And if you’re feet are up, what better way to relax than by catching up on the best bits from your favorite weight loss blog? For your weekend pleasure, here’s ICYMI: This Week on the Leaf, the best from Nutrisystem.The Long Walk: Burning Off Thanksgiving Calories It’s always better to watch what you eat rather than binging and then trying to burn it off with exercise. Don’t believe us? Check out this chart that shows exactly how far and fast you’d need to walk to burn off various elements of your favorite holiday meal.

What’s Your Number? BMI Explained The Body Mass Index (BMI) is a concept that gets kicked around a fair amount. But what does it really mean? And is it a valid measurement of your need to lose weight? Learn more.

4 Ways to Travel and Still Lose Weight Even the most dedicated person could have problems staying on her program during the holidays, especially with all the travel. Here are 4 simple tips for keeping up your weight loss mojo when you’re on the road.

Even More Benefits of Coffee Ever feel like coffee is the most life-giving drink in the world? Science backs you up. Here are the results of a new study of coffee drinkers that shows we live longer.

Why We’re Nuts for Cashews They’re sweet, sometimes salty and taste oh-so-good. Now the good news: cashews, like many other tree nuts, are packed with health benefits. Here are some of them.