Need to Justify Your Weight Loss Plan to Your Spouse? 5 Extremely Convincing Arguments

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Starting any weight loss plan is a big decision, and if you’re married or in a serious relationship, it’s not a decision you want to make alone: You’ll be making changes that affect not just your life, but those who live with you. And having their support can make all the difference: In a study of a six-month weight loss program, 66 percent of participants with a social support system were able to lose weight and keep it off, compared to just 25 percent of those without the support.

So if you’ve been inspired to try Nutrisystem, tell them the program helps because it takes the guesswork out of portion control: Nutrisystem foods are pre-measured to help keep you on track. They’ve got fiber and protein to help keep you full. And with a basic plan, you can try it for as little as $9 per day—and you could lose up to 13 pounds in the first month.* (Ready to lose weight and change your life? Click here to get started >)

And if you try a weight loss plan like Nutrisystem, your significant other will benefit, too. Because if you lose weight …

… you’ll reduce your risks of chronic disease.

It’s estimated that one in five cancers diagnosed in the U.S. is related to being inactive, overweight or eating a poor diet. But you can reduce your cancer risk and reduce your risk of premature death: Losing as little as five pounds helps put less strain on your heart. Losing even more weight has been associated with lower risks of cancer and heart disease, improves circulation and reduces your risk of “all-cause mortality”—death.

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…you could have more fun together!

When couples do something “exciting,” even if just for a few minutes, their relationship improves: A study from 2000 found that novel and exciting experiences that last as little as seven minutes help improve relationship quality akin to the “honeymoon period” of a relationship. Once you’ve started on your weight loss journey, opportunities to get outside, go hiking, take up biking and other physical activities abound—do them together for more fun and a relationship boost. (Learn four other ways losing weight will help your relationship right here >).

… you’ll stop snoring.

Obese people tend to get less and lower-quality sleep than people of a normal weight. Fifty-nine percent of obese patients suffer from sleep apnea, a condition where the person stops breathing every so often, resulting in decreased oxygen in the blood and frequent short wakeups. This increased apnea in obese individuals is the result of excess tissue in the mouth and throat that can block the airway.

That excess tissue also makes you snore—a 2015 survey of more than 8 million people found that 71 percent of obese people snore, compared to just 36 percent of people at a normal weight. So losing weight will improve your quality of sleep—and with less noise, improve your partner’s sleep, too.

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… your spouse may lose weight and get healthier, too.

Even if your spouse isn’t participating in Nutrisystem with you, they may lose weight—or just eat healthier—thanks to a “ripple effect.” In a 2008 study from the International Journal of Obesity, spouses of participants put on an “intensive lifestyle intervention” were more likely to lose weight as well—as much as 10 pounds, even without participating in the weight loss program. Their eating improved, too: Spouses of those on the intensive program had a greater reduction in calories from fat and had fewer high-fat foods in their home than other participants.

If you’re using Nutrisystem to lose weight, the new foods in your home won’t be high-fat, but they won’t be a disappointment, either: Many Nutrisystem members list desserts like the Fudge Graham Bar and Double Chocolate Muffin among their favorite offerings—not exactly rabbit food. And don’t be surprised if a few of them disappear… your significant other may find that, even if they’re not trying to lose weight, these portion-controlled foods are delicious!

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*In a study on the standard plan, avg weight loss was 9.9  lbs. in first month.