Lessons from a Master

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“Continuous effort, not strength or intelligence, is the key to unlocking our potential.”—Winston Churchill
If you do a quick Google search on the word perseverance, one famous name comes up way more than others: Winston Churchill. It makes perfect sense that Churchill, the prime minister of the United Kingdom during World War II, would pop up for such a search term. He led his nation through some of its darkest years during World War II, ultimately defeating a foe—Germany—that had seemed invincible. History remembers him as one of the greatest leaders of all time. He also won a Nobel Prize in literature and was the first person named an honorary citizen of the United States. And one of the greatest orators of all time had a speech impediment he worked hard to overcome. Nutrisystem knows: he’s a pretty accomplished figure.

But what history also tells us about Churchill, albeit much farther down in his biography, is how many times he failed, and failed in a big way. He planned a disastrous military campaign during World War I, and made some terrible blunders when he was in charge of the UK’s finances. In fact, Churchill failed so often that he was a virtual castoff during the 1930s. Nobody would give him a job, and few people would listen to him.

And that’s where he gets really inspirational.

Because he persisted. He refused to give in. And think of what could have happened if he had quit.

So listen to the man:

  • “Never, never, never give in!”
  • “If you are going through hell, keep going.”
  • “Continuous effort, not strength or intelligence, is the key to unlocking our potential.”
  • “It is not enough that we do our best. Sometimes we must do what is required.”

You might think, What does that have to do with me trying to lose 40 pounds? He was fighting to preserve his country’s freedom. I just want to feel better about myself.

It has everything to do with you. Big or small, the task at hand can sometimes prove to be difficult and seem impossible. But it’s not. It never is. You can do this. You simply have to keep trying. Remember: Never, never, never give in.