Mom’s Advice and Weight Loss, Part 1

Article posted in: Lifestyle

This week, we are examining things your mom may have said to you and how her good advice relates to weight loss. In that spirit: Remember when you came home one time, maybe in junior high, and you got in trouble for doing something dumb, and when asked why you did it, you said, everyone else was doing it? And what did your mom say? Probably something a lot like this: I don’t care what everyone else is doing; I care what you’re doing. It’s always tempting to follow the crowd. Most people want to be accepted and liked, wherever they are, and that often means doing whatever you need to do to fit in.

But when it comes to staying on your weight loss program and reaching your goals, you need to stick to your guns in spite of what the people around you are saying and doing. Yes, it can be hard having a salad when everyone else is eating fries, or limiting your portions when everyone else is loading their plates at a buffet. It’s especially tough when well-meaning friends try to discourage you from losing weight or tempt you with birthday cake or office treats.

But here’s the truth: there really are times when you’ve got to set your own standard and be your own champion. This is your moment. Mom was right when she encouraged you to be true to yourself. She was also right when she said: You absolutely can do this! We know you can, too.