Mom’s Advice and Weight Loss, Part 2

Article posted in: Diet & Nutrition

This week, we’re revisiting some of the best things our moms have told us, and seeing how Mom’s sayings can apply to our weight loss journeys. Today’s installment: I hope someday you have kids just like you. Now, if your mom ever said this to you, chances are she didn’t say it in a kind, caring way because chances also are that she was hopping mad when she said it. It may well be that she was referring to a negative behavior that she was threatening just might come back to haunt you through your kids.

But the opposite can also be true: by losing weight, eating healthy and staying fit, you can have a profound influence on your friends, your family, and especially on your children. After all, on Nutrisystem, you’re not just losing weight, you’re also learning a different relationship with food and a whole new way to live. Think about the lessons you’re passing on:

  • Healthy portion size.
  • Timing your meals throughout the day
  • Adding fresh fruit and veggies to your diet

And that’s in addition to the flat-out inspiration you’re being, just by getting healthy. In fact, the changes you’re making in your diet now are changes that will reverberate to everyone around you, especially your children! When it comes to living healthy, hopefully your kids will be just like you! So keep it up, and make Mom proud.