Mom’s Advice and Weight Loss, Part 5

Article posted in: Diet & Nutrition

Our look at some of Mom’s favorite sayings and how they could help on your weight loss journey continues with this pearl: Go to your room and think about what you did! This might have been one of Mom’s responses if you had misbehaved. Think of it as the ultimate timeout. But today, we’re going to put a different spin on it: Sitting quietly somewhere in your home or office and thinking about your weight loss is a good idea, especially if you’ve found yourself straying off your program.

Like mom said, it can help you stay on track to really think about what’s been making it hard for you to stick with your diet:

  • When exactly did you overeat?
  • What was going on around you?
  • Has this been a pattern, or was it a random event?
  • Instead of eating, what else could you have done?

Seeing the patterns if any in your behavior can help you a lot in the future. A little introspection can be a really valuable thing.