Mom’s Advice and Weight Loss, the Final Word

Article posted in: Diet & Nutrition

All week, we’ve been paying tribute to moms and their guiding words, and how they might apply to your weight loss program. And we’ve saved the best for last: I believe you can do anything you want, if you put your mind to it!

No matter how far away from home you’ve roamed or how many squabbles you and your mom may have had, you know she’s believed in you, and that you have no bigger or louder cheerleader. She is convinced you are worthy of that faith. Why? She watched you struggle with a tricky algebra problem, only to then ace the test. She saw you pick yourself up from that puddle of tears and go on after your first love dumped you. She cheered you on when you landed your first job then got that promotion.

Your mom has spent years learning exactly what you’re made of. And that’s why she unconditionally believes in you. If you ever feel discouraged during your weight loss journey, or convince yourself that you simply can’t lose weight, take a minute and think of your mom’s unconditional belief in you.

Listen to your mother: You can do anything once you make up your mind to do it.