No More Excuses!

Article posted in: Diet & Nutrition

It’s the day after a holiday, and many of us are getting back to the grind. So as a part of our refocusing this week, we have two questions for you today: Why do you overeat? What triggers your off-the-program eating? These may seem like simple questions, but answering them honestly could hold a valuable key to keeping you on-track with your weight loss program. Today Nutrisystem wants you to answer some questions.

Chances are you have a battery of reasons you go off track:

I was out to dinner, and I didn’t want to insult the host by not having seconds.

My spouse brought the cake home, and I couldn’t resist it.

I needed an energy boost and the only thing around was a candy bar.

I absolutely crave chocolates/garlic bread/ice cream and just can’t say no to it!

But you might want to think about whether these are reasons or excuses. There’s a difference. Very simply: Reasons are factual, but excuses are based on falsehoods we tell ourselves.

So what are you giving yourself, reasons or excuses? If you can recognize your excuses and realize they’re probably not true, you have a better chance of changing them.