Not All Weight Loss Progress Is About Pounds

Article posted in: Lifestyle

There may well be times on your weight loss journey when it seems your waist is just wasting away. But there may also be times when the reading on the scale barely budges. Be brave: If you’re committed to this program, those pounds will eventually disappear. And you definitely don’t want to miss a moment of it. But remember: Not all weight loss progress is about the pounds.

So make sure you’re keeping track of every way your body is changing:

  • Take your measurements and note how many inches you lose week to week, which can happen even if you don’t drop any pounds.
  • Notice how your clothes are fitting and how those jeans that used to be oh-so-snug are now loose and baggy.
  • Appreciate the fact that you can scale four flights of stairs with ease instead of wheezing your way up just one.
  • Notice when you’re recognizing healthy portion sizes.

These are all sure signs that you are succeeding on your weight loss journey. Just keep your eyes open, because even the smallest change is a great reason to celebrate!