Positive Vibrations

Article posted in: Lifestyle

One of The Nutrisystem team member’s favorite shows is “Derek,” which you can find on Netflix. We’re sad that it has come to the end of its run, because Derek was our favorite character on TV or the internet or whatever it is you call what we watch on our screens now. We loved Derek because he was positive. In the words of Ricky Gervais, who conceived of and played the character, Derek “talked only about things he liked.” And that’s precisely why we love him.

How great would it be if we were all like Derek? If we all talked only about positive things, or about things we liked? Pretty great. It’s not entirely possible, of course.You simply must talk about things you don’t like. Anybody who’s trying to raise a child knows that addressing bad behavior in order to correct it is an almost daily conversation. And if you go to work, you’re constantly trying to improve, which mean you’re addressing something that could be better.

But how many conversations do we have, sometimes conversations we’ve instigated, that are complete downers? This member overheard three coworkers spend an awful long time the other day talking about a summer blockbuster movie they didn’t like. An awful long time. We get it that they didn’t like it, but surely they did something last weekend they enjoyed. We would have preferred to overhear that conversation. After all, it had been a sunny weekend and one of the coworkers had a nice tan.

Try it today. Try to be positive. If somebody asks you how you are, think about it and say, “I’m good. Really good.” There might be something going on in your life that’s not really good, but if you start by saying you are good, chances are you’re going to feel better, and that the conversation will spin in a positive direction. Do that five or six times, and we bet you are good. Really good.