Say Yes to the Barbecue

Article posted in: Diet & Nutrition

Even if you’re trying to lose weight, holidays should be a time to celebrate, not to stress out. A weekend barbecue may be a challenge to your goals, but they don’t have to throw you completely off-course—and they don’t have to be hours of tortuous temptation. Follow these 3 strategies so you can celebrate and stay on track.

Don’t show up hungry Many dieters decide to “save up” for a party or binge by avoiding food all day in advance. But experts say this is a bad move: You’re likely to overeat beyond the calories from the missed meals, and you won’t realize you’re full until long after you’ve overdone it—which can not just ruin your diet, but can ruin the party by giving you a stomach ache.

Bring something healthy that you enjoy eating You can’t control what others will bring or cook. So put something in your own hands: Bring a healthy dish that you enjoy. When it’s time to eat, fill a big portion of your plate with this favorite, leaving room for healthy portions of other stuff you’d like.

Attack your cravings head on If chocolate or a burger is what you really want, don’t deny yourself. If you do, you could wind up picking at everything else and still wind up unsatisfied. Your craving is unlikely to subside until you satisfy it, so grab a moderate portion of the treat you’re pining for, and savor it. If you sit and eat the food mindfully—paying attention to the sensations of what you love about it—studies show you’re more likely to feel full, and satisfied. So you can stop craving and get back to the party.