“Nutrisystem got me started, and all I had to do was make that call.”

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After losing his dad to congestive heart failure, Jan “Jerry” Brusman’s wife urged him to see a doctor for a check-up of his own. That’s when he got hit with some tough news. Though Jerry says he always knew he was big, he never expected to hear the word “obese.” The doctor let him know that he had to get his health on track—and that’s where Nutrisystem came in. Fortunately, Jerry remembered seeing a commercial for the program and decided to give it a shot. After dropping 120 pounds*, Jerry is committed to his new healthy lifestyle and continuing his amazing success story.

Here is Jerry’s amazing success story:

By Jan “Jerry” Brusman

Jerry Brusman 1I have struggled with weight just about all of my adult life, with my weight going up and down the last 20 years. In 2007, my dad died of congestive heart failure. I had not been to the doctor for more than 15 years. Since heart disease runs in the family, my wife made me go. The doctor told me I need to quit smoking, that I was pre-diabetic, that I may have sleep apnea, and that I was obese. I was always a big guy, but I never thought I was obese.

First, I quit smoking on June 1, 2007. That was really hard to do, but I did it, and I put that behind me. As time went on, my weight went up, and I was no longer pre-diabetic—I was type 2 diabetic. I remember one doctor visit in 2009 when she told me: “You’re at 305 pounds, you have to do something about your weight, or you will need shots instead of taking pills to maintain your blood sugar.”

A week or two later, I got on the scale and it said 308.5. I thought, “Jerry you have to do something.” I remembered seeing Nutrisystem ads in the past and seeing how successful other people were on the plan—like Marie Osmond, Tony Orlando and Dan Marino. And not just celebrities but every day ordinary people were successful, too. So, I figured, why not give it a shot? What did I have to lose? I have to go to the store and buy food—why not try this instead?

I got online and ordered the diabetic plan. I remember it coming—I opened it and started looking though it all. I was very excited but also a bit overwhelmed. I decided this was going to get me started on a new life.

I started the program on June 15, 2009, and it is true that it has totally changed my life. It taught me how to eat right and what foods to put together. I liked the fact I was never Jerry Brusman 2hungry. I got to eat six times a day. In the past I would only eat once or twice a day, but I had the worst eating habits in the world. It showed by how big I was and what I was doing to my health. I was eating all of the wrong things. Nutrisystem showed me how to eat a well-balanced meal.

I remember my first week starting the program. It was Monday, and by Friday I felt so good I was sitting at my laptop in my dining room, looking out of the window and watching everyone walking on the half-mile trail they put around the park. I told myself “Jerry, you should put on your gym shoes and go walk.”

So, I did. I walked a mile. I still remember doing that—I was so out of breath, but I went back the next day, and the next day, and I just kept going. I have biked, done some running, and I am doing yoga and lifting weights. I want to get into as good as or better shape than I was in high school.

Nutrisystem got me started, and all I had to do was make that call. I am currently at 189 pounds*—that’s a long way from 308.5. I am not even really trying to lose weight at this point—it is just still happening because I eat right and continue exercising!

*Real Success Story. Weight lost on a prior program. Expect to lose an avg 1-2 lbs per week.

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