Eating Right with Nutrisystem: How it Changed His Life Forever

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Marshall James

Everyone knows that diet plans and exercise are key to losing weight, but learning how to eat right and finding the motivation to be active can be challenging.

Before he decided to go on Nutrisystem, these were the challenges Marshall James faced. He was 220 pounds and knew he wanted to lose weight, but just needed a push in the right direction.

“I never really learned how to eat properly,” says Marshall. “I ate what my parents made or gave to me… then I went to the dining halls at college to eat and drink whatever I wanted. Then when I graduated and lived on my own for six years, I just ate whatever I could to survive.”

Marshall James Before
Marshall wanted to find the best way to lose weight, but didn’t know how to break his unhealthy eating habits.

Having only known the eating habits he learned throughout his youth, it was hard to flip the switch in adulthood. One day at work, Marshall got the little push he needed to get on the path to eating right.

“I had a couple of coworkers who used Nutrisystem successfully to lose weight,” he says. “The guy and a girl I knew lost around 30 pounds”*

Seeing his coworkers’weight loss success with the Nutrisystem program motivated him to make the decision that would change his life.

“One day I was running out of food to [the point] where I would have to go to my grocery store to get more for the next few weeks,” says Marshall. “But instead I decided it was time for a change and ordered Nutrisystem.”

It took inspiration to take the first step, but now Marshall was not only on the path to learning how to eat right, he was on the path to losing weight.

“I immediately lost about five pounds in the first week just with the diet,” says Marshall.

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Despite having early weight loss success with the Nutrisystem program, Marshall knew that if he added activity to his new diet, it could only help his weight loss cause.

“I knew [dieting] wasn’t my only problem,” he says. “I needed to start being more active and exercising again. Once I saw the results of the diet, I knew if I started exercising that I could speed up my results.”

By doing what he could and consulting a more active friend for tips, Marshall was able to develop an exercise routine that worked for him.

“I started going to my tiny apartment [complex] gym, doing a couple of exercises that I knew for about 20 minutes each day,” he says. “Before I knew it, I was exercising two hours a day four-six days a week because it felt great and the results were amazing!”

Marshall didn’t just have the motivation to be active, he was active. That, along with the nutrition guidance from the program, had him on his way to accomplishing his weight loss goal.

Marshall James After
Learning how to eat right with Nutrisystem was the first step to transforming this man’s life.

For many trying to lose weight, it isn’t as difficult to get started as it is to stick to it. However, Marshall says maintaining the motivation to keep going was easy because the weight loss results gave him confidence.

“The pounds just kept falling off and the motivation was easily maintained from this,” he says. “I began to run the gym being comfortable and confident.”

Before Marshall knew it, he lost 50 pounds* and his friends and family were thoroughly impressed, he says. He attributes learning healthier eating habits to his weight loss success.

“I feel like I could quit Nutrisystem and still lose or maintain my weight because it taught me how to eat right,” he says. “I still use it though because I am a young, single male and it is so easy and convenient.”

Before Nutrisystem, Marshall says he was obese and unhappy. Now, he is “stronger, healthier and more confident” than he has ever been and has been called an inspiration by others.

Marshall lost a total of 75 pounds on Nutrisystem* and has inspired others to follow his path.

“I have my old roommates and my sister on [Nutrisystem] now because they saw my results and wanted to reap similar results,” says Marshall. “They are and they are just as ecstatic as I am!”

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*Real Success story. Weight lost on prior program. Expect to lose 1-2 pounds per week.